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Expert advice for gay teenagers and the parents of gay teenagers.
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Pier Kids: The Life Documentary

Top Gay Stereotypes
Will all gay men die of AIDS? Do all gay men have anal sex? Is being gay just a phase? Read these and other common stereotypes about gay men.

21 And The Romance is Over
He's only 21 and the romance between him and his partner has suffered a premature death. He turned to gay love, sex and relationship advice columnist Mona for advice.

Meep, That's So Gay, No Homo: Are We Just Too Old To Get It?
Do teen meepers, that's so gayers and no homos really understand what it is that they're saying or are they walking around blurting the latest trend?

LGBT Youth In Prison
A disproportionate number of youth in prison are LGBT and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender detained youth are most likely to be subjected to violence and abuse in prison.

Gay College Dorm Room Experience
A greater number of colleges and universities are offering gender neutral housing for their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. We invite LGBT readers to share their college dorm room experience.

How To Find a Gay and Lesbian Friendly College
Off to college and looking for a more gay-friendly environment? Here's how to find gay and lesbian friendly college campuses.

Colleges With Gender Neutral Housing
As the more students seek colleges and university that respect and protect LGBT expression and identity, the need for gender-neutral housing has become more prevalent. See which colleges offer gender neutral housing to their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students.

National Day of Silence
What is the National Day of Silence and how can you help stop anti-gay name calling and bullying in your school?

Gay, 15 and "In Like"
He's gay, 15 and in like with another boy. He thinks the boy is gay, but how does he know for sure? Find out.

How Teachers Can Help Gay Students
One of the most common reasons teens are harassed in school is because they are gay or lesbian (or perceived to be) and most don't report their abuse because they feel that the teachers are powerless. Here's how to create an inclusive classroom and help stamp out anti-gay harassment and verbal assaults.

Gay and Lesbian Teen Chat
This teen asks love goddess Mona Lisa if there is a place where young LGBT people can talk to each other. According to Mona, the timing of this young lesbian's question couldn't have been better. See why.

Take a Same-Sex Date to Prom
Prom is a special event for most high school seniors, but what do you do if you're gay and want to participate in the end-of-year festivities?

Saving Our GLBT Homeless Youth
Few can process the thought of a homeless teen; teens that at first glance look like every other young person. They may be well groomed, well mannered and energetic. They appear to have a destination--which they often do--but it's not to a home.

Gay Suicide
Studies show that gay teen suicide attempts are four times that of heterosexual youth. Why do gay teens attempt suicide and how can gay suicide be prevented?

After Coming Out: Dealing With Family Rejection
Coming out isn't always a pleasant experience if you've been rejected by family and friends. Find out how to deal with rejection after coming out.

How To Be Gay
Just coming out or already in the scene and don't think you're gay enough? Find out how to be gay step by step!

I Just Came Out To My Mom
A 17 year-old guy just came out to his mom and reaches out for help. Read his question and my response.

My Coming Out Story
This story is living proof that your gay life guide is a real person, just like you! Read my coming out story!

Gay Community Centers
Gay community centers are a great place to meet other gay teens or to get help. They often have social and other programs for gay teens and adults.

State-by-State Index of Gay Community Centers
Gay community centers state-by-state.

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