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Can Gay Men Receive Blood Donations?

Gay men that have had sex with other men can't give blood donations, but can they receive them?

A Straight Man Comments on Gay Blood Donors

This straight man wants to know why he's asked if he has had sex with men since 1977 and why only gay blood donors are banned.

How To Cope With the Events of 9/11

The family and friends of the gay victims of 9/11 honor their memory. Also, read suggestions on how to cope with the September 11th tragedy.

Saving Our GLBT Homeless

What will it take to save our glbt homeless? Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender kids make up 42% of young people without homes in America. See what The Ali Forney Center is doing about gay homelessness.

Gay Rape

Gay men can also be the victims of rape. Know the gay rape myths and how to get help.

2006 Gay Year in Review

The most memorable gay news headlines and moments in 2006.

The Paradox Called Gay Republicans

Can a gay man be a Republican? Do his personal conservative views override his party's stance against his sexuality? Many people feel gay Republicans are hypocrites- supporting a party that seeks to restrict gay rights. Gay conservatives feel they can bring change from within. Dig into the paradox of same-gender-loving conservatives.

Gay Issues You Should Know About

Just a decade ago gay issues were placed in the hush box- only to surface when absolutely necessary. Today, gay issues are feature media pulls and must discuss topics for political candidates. Here are the same sex issues you should know about, including same-sex marriage, adoption, don't ask, don't tell, hate crimes and more.

The Worst Gay News Stories of 2005

Gay news was a highlight in 2005 for better or worse. Here are the worst gay news stories of 2005.
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