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Gay Men and Body Hair

Where Should You Shave?


Man with body hair.
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Dear Gay Man,

Do all gay men shave their body hair? Should I keep some hair? Where should it be?

Dear Hairy Mess,

As with most things gay, body hair is a matter of style, preference, and function. Trends flop between a smooth body and a furry buddy depending on what circles you ask.

There are perks to both. A smooth body has its function. Not only can you swim a faster lap, but pesky body odor is kept to a minimum. Still, some guys like a more natural look and a softer patch to keep them insulated even in the heat. I prefer a guy who's struck a deal with nature to tame the wild: a trimmed pit balanced with a shaped brow and a surprise path of natural here and there. So, I ask: What look are you going for and what type of man are you trying to attract?

Women have been grooming for years, but gay and straight men alike have caught up to the idea in recent years. Today, men are more comfortable expressing their individuality with their bodies. Not to mention one of the fastest growing demos in the grooming and cosmetics industries are men. By and large, grooming body hair, or 'scaping, can mean a light trim, a lined pattern, or complete removal. Some gay men form bikini wax patterns, while others simply trim abnormally long hairs. To each his gay own.

Getting rid of unwanted hair
There are many ways to groom body hair. Each person's hair growth and skin sensitivity is different, so it may take some trial and error to determine the best method.
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