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Profiles of famous and notable gays.

Gay Celebrities - Who's Your Favorite Gay Celebrity?

Whether on tv, radio, the big screen, streaming at high speed, speaking at a podium, or writing a blog, gay celebrities are out in the public for all of us to see. Who's your favorite out gay celeb?

8 Things You Didn't Know About Johnny Weir

8 things you didn't know about Olympic skating champion Johnny Weir.

Dónal Óg Cusack

Cork All Stars goalie Dónal Óg Cusack comes out. The Irish sports star says he's gay in the autobiography Come What May.

Dennis deLeon

Former New York City human rights commissioner and AIDS activist Dennis deLeon was one of the first city officials to publicly announce that he had AIDS and went on to found one of the most influential advocacy groups for Latinos with AIDS, the Latino Commission on AIDS.

Clarence J. Fluker

Profile of About.com Gay Life guest writer Clarence J. Fluker.

John Berry

With President Barack Obama's appointment as the head of the The Office of Personnel Management, John Berry–former director of the National Zoo–becomes the highest ranking openly gay official in the White House.

Congressman Jared Polis

Entrepreneur [link url=http://www.jaredpolis.com]Jared Polis[/link] is the first openly gay person from Colorado elected to Congress, defeating Republican Scott Starin in the 2nd Congressional District with over 60% of the vote.

Tori Fixx

Tori Fixx has been dubbed the Godfather of gay hip hop as one of the first gay hip hop artists on the scene.

Bernard J. "Bernie" Tarver

Bio of blogger Bernard J. "Bernie" Tarver, also known Bejata, is the author of Bejata.com.

Christian John Wikane

Bio of Gay Life contributing writer Christian John Wikane.

Famous Gay Celebrity Couples

Which famous gay celebrity couples captured media attention? Browse the profiles of our favorite famous gay celebrity couples.

Father Mychal Judge

Profile of Father Mychal Judge, gay 9/11 hero.

Mark Bingham

Profile of Mark Bingham, the gay hero on United Flight 93, which was one of the planes hijacked on 9/11.

Laverne Cox

I want Laverne Cox, transgender contestant on Diddy's VH1 show, I Want To Work For Diddy, to be Diddy's assistant.

Writer Producer Bryan Fuller

Profile of Emmy nominated writer/producer Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies.

Actor David Burtka

Profile of Broadway actor David Burtka.

Gay Couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Profile of couple Emmy nominee Neil Patrick Harris and Broadway actor David Burtka.


Profile and bio of comedian ANT from Celebrity Fit Club, The U.S. of ANT, and David Letterman.

Sam Adams, Portland's Gay Mayor

Sam Adams is the first openly gay mayor of a top-40 U.S. city. Read about Sam Adam's historic election.

Lawrence Webb

Falls Church's first openly gay public official, Lawrence Webb.

Mayor Klaus Wowereit

Klaus Wowereit, Berlin's openly gay mayor, has been in office since 2001.

Gilber Baker, Creator of the Gay Pride Flag, Says Rainbow Flag Not Finished

Thirty years ago Gilbert Baker created what we recognize today as the gay pride or rainbow flag, but he says it's not finished yet.

Sunil Babu Pant, Nepal's First Openly Gay Lawmaker

On April 10, Sunil Babu Pant, founder of The Blue Diamond Society, won one of five seats secured by the by The Communist Party of Nepal (United), becoming the countries first openly gay lawmaker.

Jackie Walker

Jackie Walker made history as a star football player at the University of Tennessee and as the first African-American captain of a SEC team, but many believe that he was kept from the hall of fame because he was openly gay. Read more about the life of Jackie Walker.

Gay Magician and Mind Control Star Derren Brown

Read the profile of Derren Brown, star of the show Mind Control with Derren Brown. The illusionist, magician and mentalist confirmed that he is gay in a recent interview.

Gay Magician and Mind Control Star Darren Brown

Read the profile of Derren Brown, star of the show Mind Control with Derren Brown. The illusionist, magician and mentalist confirmed that he is gay in a recent interview.

Guillermo Diaz

Openly gay actor Guillermo Diaz got his start as Spike in the 1994 film, Fresh then went on to star in the cult-classic Party Girl as Parker Posey's roommate. Guillermo Diaz's recent credits include ER, The Sopranos, Law & Order and the popular Weeds. Learn more about Diaz and his success as an out actor.

Connecticut Representative Jason Bartlett

State Representative Jason W. Bartlett (D-Bethel) has come out to become the sixth openly gay legislator serving in the Connecticut General Assembly. Read more about Jason Bartlett.

Interview with Judge David Young

Judge David Young talks about what it means to be an openly gay judge on the bench how he separates his emotions from his judgments.

Interview with R&B Artist Donnie

In this interview Donnie gets candid about being gay in the church, his journey coming out and the reason why he sings.

James Roy

Gay dance music recording artist James Roy has been hailed as the new king of dance for his release Begin. Read more about James Roy and a review of Begin.

Tim Campbell

Openly gay actor Tim Campbell says he's gay, but he is not in a relationship with out star and friend Anthony Callea. Read more about Tim Campbell.

Maurice Jamal

Filmmaker Maurice Jamal has always had a love for film. The acclaimed director brought us The Ski Trip, Dirty Laundry and the screen version of B-Boy Blues. Get to know openly gay director Maurice Jamal.

Maurice Jamal, His Dirty Laundry and The B-Boy Blues

Openly gay filmmaker Maurice Jamal would rather air his dirty laundry than have it stink up his artistic plans. After all, the young muse is a role model for other filmmakers and buffs out there. In this Gay Life interview with Maurice Jamal talks about his first gig, The Ski Trip, Dirty Laundry and the upcoming B-Boy Blues.

Dolce & Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the duo behind high fashion label Dolce & Gabbana. Read about the gay ex-couple Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Brian L. Bates, Georgia's First Openly Gay Republican Official

Georgia elected its first openly gay republican city council member, Brian Gates. Read the profile of Brian Bates.

Didier Zheng

Read about Didier Zheng, the host of internet show, Tongxing Xianglian about gay life in China.

Interview with Reichen Lehmkuhl

Reichen Lehmkuhl gained fame as the winner of season four of the reality series [i]Amazing Race[/i]. The actor, model has since starred in numerous daytime soaps and has launched his own flight-inspired jewelry line. We grounded him for a little Q&A about being an out actor, gays in the military and the career he lets develop by chance.

Reichen Lehmkuhl

Profile of actor, model Reichen Lehmkuhl.

Interview with Artist Glen Hanson

Artist Glen Hanson talks about his animated childhood, born or made talent and the one thing he's never drawn.

Interview with Ari Gold

Singer Ari Gold talks to us about growing up as an Orthodox Jew, the current state of pop and the joy of Cabbage Patch kids.

Paul Schindler

Profile of Paul Schindler, Editor-in-Chief of Gay City News

Interview with Paul Schindler

Paul Schindler is the Editor-in-Chief of Gay City News, a weekly LGBT-focused newspaper serving the greater New York area. Paul isn't afraid to break a story, nor does he shy away from injustices in our community. Here Paul Schindler discusses civil unions versus marriage, media censorship and the dangers of being a walking cause.

Interview with E. Lynn Harris

In this interview, book author E. Lynn Harris talks about men on the down low, his straight female fans and the first time he admitted he was gay.

E. Lynn Harris

Profile of New York Times bestselling author E. Lynn Harris.

Interview with Patricia Field

Patricia Field, the American designer that costumed Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, talks about legendary fashions, design inspirations and the type of person built for Pat's Wear.

Interview with Ray Cunningham

College Hill alum Ray Cunningham talks about gay life on campus, his fear of drag queens and the one thing people don't get about him.

Mr. Patrick Duffy

Profile of New York City-based party guru Mr. Patrick Duffy.

Interview with Mr. Patrick Duffy

New York City-based party guru Mr. Patrick Duffy talks about the perils of the New York party scene, his one vice and how he became nightlife royalty.

Interview with Robin Byrd

Robin Byrd is one of the queens of sex, dating and relationships. The ex-Debbie Does Dallas star helped set the stage for gay men everywhere to be more open about their sexual expression with her previous show The Robin Byrd Show. Now with her new podcast she gets even more candid about being free. In her interview with Gay Life, Robin talks about the 30th anniversary of Debbie Does Dallas, her government name and who should stay away from leather.

Interview with Cheri Dennis

Bad Boy recording artist Cheri Dennis has attracted quite a gay following. She took time away from the studio to talk to us about making it out of the projects, her new grown and sexy album and the reason why she loves her gay fans.

Interview with Paul Colichman

here!TV founder Paul Colichman (of Gods and Monsters fame) keeps it real about LGBT people in the media, the true reason for here! Magazine and the secret to his 15 year relationship.

Paul Colichman

Profile of Regents Entertainment and here! TV founder Paul Colichman.

Interview with Jeff Lutes from Soulforce

Soulforce Executive Director Jeff Lutes discusses life as a gay dad, peaceful resistance to oppression and what ex-gay camps aren't telling their supporters.

Jeff Lutes

Profile of Jeff Lutes, Executive Director of Soulforce.

Interview with Steven Blank from PinkMafiaRadio.com

Steven Blank, host and founder of PinkMafiaRadio.com talks about Harvey Fierstein, the real gay mafia and the one thing he'll never cover on his podcast.

Interview with Biff Warren

Biff Warren talks about black gay pride, doing drag and the one thing that would change his adult life.

Gary Gates

Profile of Gary Gates, Senior Research Fellow at The Williams Institute and co-author of The Gay & Lesbian Atlas.

Interview with Gary Gates of The Williams Institute

Senior Research Fellow Gary Gates of The Williams Institute discusses public policy, the gayest spot in Texas and the truth about the 1-in-10 gay myth.

Benny Ninja

Legend Benny Ninja talks about gay life in this exclusive interview.

Interview with Podcasters Josh and Sara from here!TV

here! Podcasters Josh and Sara talk about Gene Kelly, which one is the beauty and which the brains and their plan to take down American Idol... maybe.

Interview with Michael Jensen, Editor of AfterElton.com

AfterElton.com Editor Michael Jensen talks about freedom of speech, outing gay celebrities and the best movie he's ever seen.

Devon Christopher

Read about Devon Christopher Johnson, publisher of gay urban magazine Bleu.

Interview with Devon Christopher

Interview Devon Christopher, publisher of Bleu Magazine.

Interview with Carl Siciliano

Carl Siciliano talks about teen homelessness, dreams of being a boxing champ and a horse named Ramone.

Interview with Charlie David

Donte Cove's Charlie David talks about Saskatchewan gays, monogamy and the undying grief over his imaginary pet.

Interview with Jody Watley

Jody Watley shares details about her friendship with Workout's Doug Blasdell, her secret to success and going digital.

Jorge Valencia

Background of Jorge Valencia, Executive Director of The Point Foundation for gay and lesbian Scholarships.

Interview with Jorge Valencia

Point Foundation Executive Director Jorge Valencia steps forward to speak out about why gay and lesbian kids need college scholarships, the evolution of post-gay youth and coming out as a Latino Mormon from Texas.

Interview with Jonathan Adler

We spin a few with designer Jonathan Adler.

Interview with Chad Allen

Chad Allen talks about his spiritual journey, the state of gay films and the one place he'd love to see men swimming in an aquarium.

Interview with Miss Coco Peru

Miss Coco Peru gives us the skinny on who she'd most like to see in drag, talking to her wigs and the one line that made her infamous.

Interview with Emauel Xavier

Spoken word artist, author and poet Emanuel Xavier talks about his inspiration, his favorite gay and the one man that just doesn't get it.

Interview with Mitchell Gold

Interview with furniture maven Mitchell Gold.

Interview with Jensen Atwood

Jensen Atwood talks about growing up in South Central L.A., being a versatile actor and his opinion about withdrawing from Iraq.

Interview with Cyd Zeigler

Cyd Zeigler from Outsports.com talks about gay sports bars, athletes of the year and the one sport that gets him going.

Interview with Karamo Brown

The Real World's first openly gay African-American man, Karamo Brown, talks about coming out, his sexual identity and the things he'd change about his childhood.

Interview with Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels talks about his favorite diva, the one man that changed his life and what we can expect from Tennessee.

Interview with Christopher Rice

Author Christopher Rice talks about gay life, his parents and the best thing he's ever written.

Interview with Carson Kressley

Fashion maven Carson Kressley talks about gay pride and his new fashion line, Perfect.

Interview with Cyndi Lauper

Our favorite True Colors star talks about the civil rights movement, her new tour and the one thing she wants but just can't have.

Coco Peru

Profile of Miss Coco Peru.

Jody Watley

Read why gay men love icon Jody Watley.

Michael Jensen

Read the profile of AfterElton.com's editor Michael Jensen.

Glen Hanson

Read the profile of Glen Hanson, artist of Chelsea Boys, G-Man and Spy Groove.

Jensen Atwood

Profile of actor and recording artist Jensen Atwood

Steven Blank

Read about Steven Blank, the host and founder of PinkMafiaRadio.com.

Carl Siciliano

Profile of Carl Siciliano, Executive Director of The Ali Forney Center for gay homeless teens.

Biff Warren

Profile of Biff Warren, president of Flying Cow Marketing and Media.

Patricia Field

Designer Patricia Field gets profiled.

Ari Gold

Read the profile of singer Ari Gold.

Ray Cunningham

Read the profile of Ray Cunningham from BET's College Hill.

Cyd Zeigler

Profile of Cyd Zeigler, co-founder of outsports.com, a site for sports enthusiasts.

Emanuel Xavier

Profile of spoken word artist Emanuel Xavier, author of Pier Queen, Americano, and Christlike.

Charlie David

Read the famous gay profile of Donte Cove's Charlie David.

Karamo Brown

Read the profile of Karamo Brown from MTV's Real World.

Jonathan Adler

Read the famous gay profile of designer Jonathan Adler.

Benny Ninja

Read teh famous gay profile of voguing legend Benny Ninja.

Christine Daniels (formerly Mike Penner)

After 23 years with the Los Angeles Times and 40 years of anguish, sports columnist Mike Penner decided to announce his transition to Christine Daniels. Learn what it means to transition.

Herdon Davis

Read the bio and profile of gay author, lecturer and TV host Herndon Davis.

Wilson Cruz

Famous gay profile of actor Wilson Cruz.

Carey Sherrell

Profile and bio of Carey Sherrell.

Anthony Callea

Famous gay profile of Anthony Callea.

Gay Producer, Director Lee Daniels

Pictures of gay producer director Lee Daniels on Monster's Ball.

Interview with John Amaechi

Interview with famous gay NBA player John Amaechi.


Profile of gay rapper Deadlee.

Gay Jazz Legend Billy Strayhorn

Images of jazz legend Billy Strayhorn.

Christian Chavez

Read the gay celebrity profile of Mexican pop artist Christian Chevez.

Representative Barney Frank

Read the profile of openly-gay representative Barney Frank.

Marine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva

Read about the heroism of gay Gay Marine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, the first American to be injured in the war in Iraq.

Gay Jazz Legend Billy Strayhorn

Images of jazz legend Billy Strayhorn.

Billy Strayhorn

Read the profile of jazz musician Billy Strayhorn.

Bill Condon

Bill Condon is the acclaimed and openly gay director of Gods and Monsters, Kinsey and now Dreamgirls.

John Amaechi

Read the famous gay profile of former NBA star, John Amaechi.

Johnny Weir

Is it any of our business if male figure skating champion Johnny Weir is gay? See what he has to say about it.

James (Jim) McGreevey

Read about James (Jim) McGreevey's gay confession and his fallen political career.

Willi Ninja

Who was the legendary Willi Ninja and how did the New York gay scene of the 80's?

Queen Frontman, Freddie Mercury

The late Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury, continues to make headlines years after his death. Read the biography of Freddie Mercury and learn about his latest scandal.

Cole Porter

Read the gay profile of acclaimed musician Cole Porter.

Kevin McDaid

Read the gay celebrity profile of former boy band member, Kevin McDaid.

Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch may have won Survivor, but he lost his battle with the IRS. Read about his past victories, present failures and future projects.

Mark Feehily of Westlife

Read the gay celebrity profile of Mark Feehily of the Irish boy band Westlife.

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio- Biography and Homoerotic Paintings

Brush the life and homoerotic paintings of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Pedro Zamora

Read the profile of the deceased Real World San Francisco housemates Pedro Zamora and his contributions to HIV and AIDS awareness.

Brian Graden

Read the day celebrity profile of television executive Brian Graden.

Boy George

Read the gay celebrity profile of former Culture Club singer, Boy George.

Clay Aiken

Rumors of Clay Aiken's sexuality have been circulating for some time, but now a confession by an allegded lover puts it all out on the table. Is he gay? And if so, should we care?

Darryl Brown

Rare interview with Ballroom Rockstar Magazine founder and publisher Darryl Brown.

Gay Filmmaker Lee Daniels

Read the profile of gay filmmaker Lee Daniels, the producer/director of Shadowboxer, Monster’s Ball, The Woodsman and many more.

Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk was more than a gay man, he was a fearless San Francisco politician who believed he and every other glbt person deserved to be treated as humans.

Gloria Trevi, the Gay Queen

Pop icon Glorai Trevi's gay fans reach far beyond the borders of Mexico with her song 'Todos me miran,' or 'Everyone is Looking at Me.' Read about the woman many call the 'Gay Queen.'

Oliver Sipple

Openly gay man, Oliver Sipple, never imagined that despite the publics love him for saving former President Ford's, his mother would disown him for being gay. Learn more about how a hero was made to a tragic end.

The Shirley Q. Liquor Controversy

Behind the controversy of Chuck Knipp as Shirley Q. Liquor.

Interview with Mo'Nique

In this exclusive interview, Mo'Nique talks to her gay fans about body image and living day by day.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris, the teen star turn voice-over and spot TV actor, most known as the lovable and soft-spoken Doogie Howser, M.D., says he's gay. Read about his life before coming out.

Jim Kolbe

Biography of gay Republican Jim Kolbe.

Lee Daniels in Action

Pictures of Lee Daniels on Set

Interview with Lee Daniels

Candid interview with openly gay producer/director Lee Daniels of Monster's Ball, The Woodsman and Shadowboxer.

T. R. Knight

Read the profile of gay actor T. R. Knight of Grey's Anatomy and other famous gay profiles.

Gerry Studds

Openly gay congressman, Gerry Studds dies. Read about his political career and the page scandal that never went away.

Lance Bass

Read the celebrity profile of openly-gay former NSync pop star Lance Bass.

William Scott

Who's afraid of openly gay recording artist William Scott? A world filled with negativity and self-consciousness should fear his music, his message and the movement that will spark change.

Mitchell Gold

Get to know the president and marketing genius of Mitchell Gold Co.

Gay Actor Profile: Nathan Lane

Read the gay celebrity profile of gay actor Nathan Lane.

Gay Celebrity Profile: Randy Harrison

Read the gay celebrity profile of gay actor Randy Harrison.

Interview with John Waters: John Waters Presents MoviesThat Will Corrupt You

Interiew with John Waters on the here! TV series, John Waters Presents Movies That Will Corrupt You.

John Waters Profile

Known as the Prince of Puke by critics and the brilliant creator of Hairspray by fans, John Waters continues to foster his roots in Baltimore. Read the gay celebrity profile of John Waters.

Interview with Christopher Rice

Author Christopher Rice may be the son of literary parents Anne Rice and Stan Rice, but his talent speaks for itself in his best-selling novels. Get the profile of Christopher Rice.

Chad Allen

Read the gay celebrity profile of actor Chad Allen.

Billy Bean

Read the gay celebrity profile of former major league baseball player, Billy Bean.

Carson Kressley

Read the gay celebrity profile of Carson Kressley, fashion savant of Bravo's Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

Peter Paige

Read the gay celebrity profile of Peter Paige

George Michael

Read the gay celebrity profile of singer George Michael.

Lady Bunny

The Lady Bunny may be known around the world as one of the most famous drag queens, but did you know she was also a comedienne, actor, emcee, songwriter, DJ, the founder of Wigstock, and has recorded a new CD. So, who really is Lady Bunny?

Rosie's Gay Brother Daniel J. O' Donnell

Openly gay politician, Daniel J. O'Donnell, has never been one lost for words, just like his sister Rosie O'Donnell. See how Daniel O'Donnell became a household name in New York and how close he is to his lesbian sister, Rosie.

Charles Busch

Read the gay celebrity of actor, playwright and drag queen Charles Busch.

All About Rupert Everett

Read the gay celebrity profile of openly gay actor Rupert Everett.

Doug Spearman

Read Doug Spearman's gay celebrity profile.

Emil Wilbekin's Vibe

Get to know Vibe's editor-in-chief, Emil Wilbekin and other famous gay celebrities.

Ian McKellen

The acclaimed British stage actor has graced the silver screen as the villain in blockbuster hits Gods and Monsters, Lord of the Rings, The Da Vinci Code and X-Men. Read the gay celebrity profile of Ian McKellen.

The Gay da Vinci Code

Was Leonardo da Vinci Gay?

The Life of Keith Boykin

Read the gay celebrity profile of author, lecturer and activist Keith Boykin.

Nate Berkus - Gay Celebrity Profile of Nate Berkus

Read the gay celebrity profile of famous designer Nate Berkus.

Gay Celebrity Profile: Darryl Stephens

Read the gay celebrity profile of actor Darryl Stephens.

Gay Celebrity Profile: Rufus Wainwright

Read the gay celebrity profile of openly gay recording artist Rufus Wainwright.

Stephen Gately up Close and Personal

After settling into British boyband fame, Stephen Gately now makes roots with partner Andy Cowles with a legal marriage in London. Read the gay celebrity profile of Stephen Gately and get the scoop on his gay celebrity marriage.

Alexis Arquette- Gay Celebrity Profile of Alexis Arquette

Read the gay celebrity profile of actor Alexis Arquette.

Gay Celebrity Profile of Alan Cumming

Read Alan Cumming's biography and the profile of other gay celebrities.

B.D. Wong

B.D. Wong's diversity on stage and behind the camera is to be admired, but what about the challenge of being a gay man and same-sex dad? Read the impressive list of credits and awards under B.D. Wong's belt.

Mathew Rodriguez

Profile of About.com Gay Life guest writer Mathew Rodriguez.
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