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Didier Zheng


 Didier Zheng

Didier Zheng on Chinese gay inernet show Tongxing Xianglian

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Didier Zheng was the openly gay host of the Chinese internet show, Tongxing Xianglian, translated as "Connecting Homosexuals." Zheng, born 1980, was educated at the Sorbonne University in Paris. He returned to China in 2006. His show, Tongxing Xianglian made its debut in April of 2007. It was the first show in China to address gay issues such as HIV/AIDS and gay life in China. Zeng is a French teacher and AIDS activist at Chi Heng Foundation.
In an article about the conclusion of his show's 12-episode season, Didier Zeng told ChinaDaily.com, "Society is changing. We are paying more attention to gay man's socialization and integration [into society]." Zeng continued, "I just want to give more information, especially to non-gay people. They know very little about gay life."
Zeng did admit, however, that the show's content was monitored by the Chinese authorities and it's unclear whether Tongxing Xianglian will air for another season.

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