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How To Kiss


Two men kissing.
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The key to kissing is to keep it simple. Physical intimacy is best when instinctual as opposed to outlined and calculated. However, I will offer some basic ideas.

Start small with a couple of soft, short lip kisses and build to longer deeper tongue kisses. With this technique helps build trust and intimacy with your partner. Also, let your tongue wander to other parts of the body. The neck, ear-lobes, and nipples are all highly erogenous areas of the body.

Every partner will vary in his preference, but it is up to you to figure out what turns him on. If kissing him in a particular spot continually provokes him to back away and giggle, then you've probably hit his funny bone and missed his erogenous zone. But that should not discourage you from trying something else.

Most importantly, be natural. Sex is an art, not a sport, although some athleticism may be required. There is nothing more enticing than a mate who is comfortable with his sexuality, so just let it flow.
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