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Gay Love & Sex Advice

Is life throwing you a curve ball when it comes to finding Mr. Quick Fix or your babies daddy? Or is your current boy toy simply getting on your nerves? Find answers to those pressing gay love or sex questions.

Coming Out While Married

Coming out is hard, especially when you're a married man. Learn how to cope with being a gay man in a heterosexual marriage.

Better To Give or Receive Anal Sex?

This reader wonders if he should top or bottom during anal sex. Read this and other gay anal sex advice.

Use Fantasy To Improve Your Sex Life

This reader's boyfriend spends a lot of time in gay chat rooms talking sex talk with other gay men. Is he cheating or does he just need more fantasy to improve his sex life?

Anal Sex Advice

This reader likes gay anal sex, but seeks advice on how to lessen the pain of anal intercourse. Read this and more gay sex advice.

Trust Issues in Relationships

Without trust, even the strongest relationship will fail. This reader wonders how to build trust in his relationship, even though there is no foul play involved.

Monogamous Relationships and HIV

Is it possible for two men to be in a monogamous relationship without worrying about HIV? Read more on monogamous relationships and HIV.

Sex Buddy

Do you want more emotion from your sex buddy? Get advice on how to make your sex buddy into more of a lover.

Get Over a Bad Break Up

The hurt of a bad breakup won't instantly fade, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage. Read the essentail break up survival kit!

Does He Want a Long Term Relationship?

Does he want a long term relationship? Get this and other gay relationship advice.

Coming Out of the Closet

Will your family stop loving you if you come out of the closet? Get this and other expert coming out advice.

Living Together

Living together article. Things for partners to consider before they move in and live together.

Gay Sex & Relationship Advice

Free gay sex and relationship advice.

Gay Married Man

This gay married man asks how to get closer to his lover.

Gay Dating

Gay Dating - Succeed in the gay dating scene with these gay dating tips.

Talk Sex w/ Mona Lisa!

Ask Mona for advice on your most troubling love problems or share your thoughts on love and dating between gay and bisexual men.

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