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10 More Things To Consider Before Living Together

10 More Things To Consider Before Your Boyfriend Moves In


Moving in with your boyfriend is a big step. Even if your relationship is going strong, you want it to last; which is why you should consider how compatible your lives are. Asking yourself these ten easy questions can help determine if your future live-in mate is a perfect match.

  1. Do you share political positions on major issues?
  2. Is he outgoing and social or quiet and reserved?
  3. Is he a homebody or does he crave travel and adventure?
  4. Does he like quiet time or does he need your companionship majority of the time?
  5. Is he neat and orderly or almost always in disarray?
  6. What's his stance on gay rights issues?
  7. Are there certain religious beliefs that must be shared?
  8. Do you share beliefs, attitudes or hang-ups about sex?
  9. How do both of you feel about having children or gay marriage?
  10. How do both of you approach physical health issues such as eating, drinking and smoking habits?
Of course, you and your boyfriend don't always have to agree and you should never try and change your partner; but discussing these things can help determine if living together is the best step.

Also consider these things before making your final decision to live together.

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