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From classics and rentals to current blockbusters, here you will find a diverse selection of movies film and theatre enjoyed by gay men.

Who’s Looking Forward to Avengers More: Gays or Straights?
There's no shortage of Blockbuster eye candy this summer. From Magic Mike to The Avengers, gay movie goers have plenty to drool about.

J. Edgar Re-opens Rumors of Hoover's Gay Exploits
Oscar-winning Milk writer, Dustin Lance Black exposes Hoover's sexuality in his new movie J. Edgar, opening up new speculation over the FBI chief's gay exploits.

Unforgettable Gay Coming of Age Movies
Watching gay coming out (or coming of age) movies is a bitter sweet adventure. Coming of age movies can bring up emotions that gay men cherish or ones we'd like to suppress. Which is your favorite gay coming of age movie?

Gay Movies- The Best Gay Comedy Movies of All Time
These gay comedy movies became instant classics the moment they were released. Here are the best gay comedy movies of all time.

The Best Gay Drama Movies of All Time
Gay drama movies touch our hearts and remind of us the good and bad times of gay life. Read the best gay drama movies of all time.

Best Coming of Age Movie!
Vote for your favorite coming of age movie!

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