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Gay Nashville

Gay Nashville

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Combine white shoe laces supporting black velvet boots; tight Diesel jeans with a cut-off shirt; a white baseball cap and old classic New Balance with LeAnne Rimes rushing to order a drink before the first drag show and you have gay Nashville.

The Weekend in Gay Nashville

One free weekend, I set out to work on a creative project down in the capital of country music. (No worries, there will be no gay country compilation on this site.) But if I didn't know better, I'd swear I was touring the gay capital of the U.S. There was no heavy circuit scene or Queer As Folk Liberty Avenue to cruise, but the foundation was solid. In the last few years, the Nashville gay scene has expanded from just a few homosexual venues to some fashionable must-do itinerary for gay men.

The Tour of Gay Nashville

Be sure to run your weekend errands during the week, because Saturday is dedicated to gay entertainment. Of course, the Nashville gay scenesters know we need our rest so they've deemed Saturday morning our time of rest. And the schedule must be adhered to, because Nashville's only gay and lesbian news show starts at 4 p.m. on local station WRVU Nashville followed by the hot sounds of DJ Ron on the turntables during his weekly spot, Out of the Closet.

Now, this was only a warm up. The herd of men loving men then travels to trendy restaurant Red for an early dinner graced by a few cocktails. And don't worry about ordering too many vodka tonics after dessert because a few short steps beyond the double doors and you land in New York style lounge, Tribe which hosts a crowd of decadent southern men in a comfortable atmosphere.

The Energy of Gay Nashville

The energy at Tribe was great, the crowd diverse, the management friendly and interactive and the resident DJ Ron (yes, the same DJ Ron that ran from the radio station to his next gig) had a connection with the crowd that most venues dream of. And as if fierce music in a contemporary setting wasn't enough- DJ Ron takes requests.

From there, the Red Bull a floweth as the tour progresses to Nashville's freshest club, Play located conveniently two steps down the runway to the left. At the helm, metrosexual DJ Lenny. And if you're still up to the test (or you haven't found your Mr. Right Now by closing time), after hours club Excess takes the baton well past the finish line- all the way back to brunch at Red.

The End of a Weekend in Gay Nashville

Overall, the growth and style of Nashville's gay scene definitely puts it on the map as a hot spot. The country town already attracts homos from the neighboring sticks. Do I smell a new circuit party in the making? I propose it be called Country Kitchen or Cheese Grits During the Morning After.

Hey, where's my cut for creative input? I need to buy some more Red Bull to keep me going until my next party weekend in Nashville!

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