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Homo For The Holidays

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Homo For The Holidays

The Go-Go Boys

Ring Records

Tell Your Peers You're Queer This Year

It's not unusual to see Parental Advisory labels on CD's these days, but few warn of "Fabulous Clever Explicit Content" as does the latest release from The Go-Go Boys, Homo For The Holidays. The Boys warn that their collection of traditional carols with new, hilarious and very-gay lyrics is not for your mother. However, it's great for entertaining any same-gender-loving crowd. The outrageous set is a great alternative to the same worn holidays tunes repackaged in the latest pop or diva cover.

The Go-Go Boys leave no Traditional classic unscathed with humorous social and political commentary about cyber dating, STD's, coming out, safer sex, the military, men on the DL, and of course an ode to the transgender man of whom they ask, "Does your purse go well with your belt and shoes?"

Homo For The Holidays is a great addition to any holiday CD collection and also a good gift idea. So, as The Go-Go Boys suggest in "Out In The Bleak Midwinter," tell your peers you're queer this year with a refreshing holiday album.
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