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How To Give Oral Sex

Performing Fellatio


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Dear Mona Lisa,

Until recently, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about how to deliver impressive fellatio. However, I just started seeing this guy who demonstrated deep throating at its best. Do you have any tips on how to master this technique and control the gag reflex.


I will start with the common disclaimer that many medical experts would use: Deep throating is not for everyone and the gag reflex was intended by nature.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are some basic pointers. Pace yourself and relax. You can start by building up the level of excitement by teasing his organ, paying special attention to the head. When you are ready to take the entire penis into your mouth, it is important that you use your saliva to keep it lubricated. Use your tongue to massage the shaft and your hand slowly guide his penis deeper. When you are ready to go even deeper, extend the tongue beyond your lips (beneath his penis).

The challenge is to eliminate the natural slope of the back of the mouth down into the throat. To do this you will need to practice angling your head back to create a straight line with your neck. This obviously, requires creative positioning of your body while in the act and again... practice, practice practice. Relax your throat muscles and try continually swallowing to take the penis into your throat. You may want to practice with a dildo, but with all of this please be careful not to push yourself to hard. It can take months to master this technique.

Yours in Love,
Mona Lisa
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