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Myth: Because of Proposition 8, Gays Can't Get Married Anywhere

What Prop 8 Means For Same-Sex Marriage Everywhere


Two gay figurines on a wedding cake.
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The passing of Proposition 8 in California not only caused a stir of political debate, but it also created a whirlwind of confusion amongst some gay men and lesbians even outside of California.

First, there are the same-sex couples that were married prior to the passing of Prop 8. What happens to their unions now that marriage in California is defined as between one man and one woman? According to Attorney General Jerry Brown, those marriages are likely to remain valid.

And then there are the gays outside of California. Just recently a friend, who lives some 3,000 miles away, joked about giving up on love because he can't get married anyway. He blamed it on Prop 8. Well, that's not 100 percent true. For same-sex couples in California (as of present), gay marriage is forbidden. However, same-sex couples can get married in some U.S. states and other countries throughout the world. The logistics of such marriages, if one is not a citizen, varies by location.

Regardless, Prop 8 only negates same-sex marriage in the State of California. Gay and lesbian couples can get married in other places where same-sex marriage is legal.
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