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Gay Life in Mexico


 Gay Life in Mexico

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Mexico is just slightly less than three times the size of Texas and has a population of approximately 109 million people (2007 CIA World Fact Book).

Resort cities like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Acalpuco, Cabo San Lucas, Guadalajara and a progressive stance on gay rights in Mexico City have made Mexico a growing destination for gay travelers.

Here is a snapshot of gay life and rights in Mexico:

Gay Marriage in Mexico:
Homosexuality has never been explicitly banned in Mexico. In 1991, the Mexico Constitution was amended to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, among other factors.

Same sex civil unions were legalized in Mexico City in November 2006. Months later, on January of 2007, the state of Coahuila granted legal same-sex civil unions, essentially making civil unions legal in all of Mexico (by law, each Mexican state must recognize the laws granted to individuals of other states).

On December 21, 2009, the Mexico City assembly approved a measure legalizing same-sex marriage. The city's definition of marriage is now gender neural. The new language reads "the free uniting of two people" adjusted from the previous "one man and one woman." (more)

Since the law took effect in March 2010, Mexico City officials say that 88 gay and lesbian couples married as of April 5 and 37 more are scheduled to be married between April and June.

Gay Life in Mexico:
Mexico City, specifically the Zona Rosa area, is the most progressive of all Mexican regions in terms of gay rights and social acceptance. Guadalajara is also hailed as having a thriving gay scene. Other popular gay destinations are Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Acalpuco, and Cabo San Lucas. Opposition to gay marriage comes in more conservative regions of Mexico, such as the states of Puebla and Jalisco.

Gay Adoption in Mexico:
By legalizing same-sex marriage in Mexico City, same-sex couple adoption has also been legalized.

HIV in Mexico:
The 2003 CIA World Fact Book estimates there are approximately 160,000 people in Mexico living with HIV, with a death toll of 5,000. Gay News from Mexico: Gay Travel in Mexico:
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