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Gay Marriage and Relationships

These gay sex advice articles will help both the novice and the veteran gay man. Find advice on how to have gay sex for the first time or how to improve your gay marriage.
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How To Marry Your Same-Sex Partner in Virginia
In a courtroom victory for same-sex (commonly known as gay) marriage supporters, a federal appeals court in late July 2014 struck down Virginia’s ban on same-sex unions. In anticipation of legal gay marriage, I've compiled a list of quick steps to obtaining a marriage licence in Virginia so that you can start planning with your partner.

Should You Wait For Him?
Even when you get on great with someone, life can get in the way. So while he's off achieving his goals you're left waiting for the relationship to move forward, even if you're casually getting to know each other. Should you wait for him or move on?

What To Do When Your Partner Doesn't Like Sex
There are as many sex drives as there are people to drop their pants. But what happens when your partner loses his libido and refuses to satisfy your high sex drive?

Do-It-Yourself Gay Divorce
Married gay and lesbian couples are statistically more stable than straight couples, but when things go wrong their marriages can end in divorce. Contributing writer Jeremy C Bradley discusses gay divorce and steps couples should take before ending their marriage.

Gay Wedding Planning Checklist
Your wedding day should be the happiest day. Ease the stress of planning your day by following this checklist.

Make Your Gay Wedding Vows Your Own
There are a ton of things to consider before getting married, including writing the perfect gay wedding vows.

Gay Porn - Gay Men Talk About Gay Porn
Gay men talk about the likes and dislikes of gay porn and gay sex movies. Do you mind if your boyfriend watches gay sex movies? What about you? Are you into gay porn or do you think seeing two guys having sex on film is not as good as the real thing?

How To Have Gay Sex
Lean into this gay sex guide filled with tips and tools on how to have gay sex.

Gay Wedding Vows
Just married? Share your gay wedding vows with other couples.

Are You Ready For Sex?
Are you ready to have sex? Lean into this gay sex guide for advice on gay anal sex.

Sex Frequency
How many times do you and your partner have sex in a week? Get the hard facts about sex frequency.

Top 10 Questions About Gay Sex
Gay men ask love advice writer Ramon Johnson about their pressing sex questions.

Gay Porn
Is gay porn worth the risk?

Lucky in Gay Love in Rhode Island? Here's a Step by Step to Marriage
Fallen in love with a same sex partner in Rhode Island. Take it to the next level with this step-by-step to getting married to your gay or lesbian partner.

Same Sex Marriage in Delaware
Same gender (also known as same sex or 'gay') marriage has been legal in the state of Delaware since summer of 2013. Gay and lesbian couples looking to get married can follow these steps.

How To Marry in Minnesota
Gay and lesbian couples wanting to marry in Minnesota, the 12th American state to legalise same sex marriage, must first apply for a license then complete the application at a local service center. More information is available here.

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