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Articles and tips for single gay men.

Top 6 Reasons You're Still Single
Wondering why you're still single? The answer could be in the mirror. Here's what you need to know and how you can correct it.

Succeed in the Gay Dating Scene
Tired of striking out in the gay dating scene? Succeed now with these simple tips!

How To Turn a Straight Guy Gay
How do you turn a straight guy gay? Find out what powers you can use to find out if a straight guy is gay.

Make A Bold Move To Meet Other Gay Men
Don't wait for a man to approach you, take a chance and make a bold move to meet other gay men.

Being Gay and Lonely
Many gay men are overcome with loneliness when they first come out. Find out how to stop feeling lonely and start living.

The Dos and Don'ts of Gay Matchmaking
Learn the do's and don'ts of gay matchmaking before your set up your single gay friend on a date.

Pick Up Lines: Making the Most of the First Minute
Sometimes its hard to maintain your pick-up artist consciousness. Learn how to make the most of your pick up line in the first minute.

Getting the Attention of a Gay Coworker
Here's how to get the attention of a gay coworker.

Overcoming Fears of Rejection
Many gay men hide behind their computers because of a common fear of rejection. We all have fears, but how do you overcome them. A little practice can take you from loner to socialite.

Meet Other Gay Men
Tired of holding up the wall? Make a bold move and go from lusting lurker to dating machine with these tips on how to meet gay men.

Gay Dating in a Rural Area and Attracted to Straight Boys
This reader wonders how he can find other gay people on his rural college campus and overcome his attraction to straight guys.

4 Electronics That Can Improve Your Dating and Love Life
Life has never been easier with the profusion of digital devices within our reach. With life lived at the touch of a button, why not put your plug-in devices to use in your dating life? Here are three electronic devices that can help you navigate your way through the maze of dating.

Dating Advice For Younger Gays
Is dating any different for younger gay men than it is for older gay men? How about flirting and meeting other guys? The ages may be different, but the dating and flirting techniques are one in the same.

How To Date Younger Men
Flirting with, then asking a younger guy out on a date is no different than courting someone your own age. Our flirting mojo never dies. All you need to do is modify it a bit to get the attention of a younger man.

Younger And Older Gays Give Each Other Dating Advice
Younger and older gay men give each other dating and relationship advice.

What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality
What does your sleep position say about your personality? The way we sleep is also a form of body language. "Preferred sleeping positions are seen as a sort of subconscious body language that reflects our inner traits," writes About.com Hotels Guide Charlyn Keating Chisholm. So, tonight, after you dip into the leftovers, sneak a peak at your...

Regain Your Confidence By Trusting In The Silence
How do you regain your confidence when life takes an unexpected turn?

Dating Patterns - What Are Your Dating Patterns?
Do you find yourself dating the same kind of man? Have your relationships with men changed since you were a kid? Tell us about your dating patterns.

How To Meet Gay Friends And Build Social Skills
Steve's never had many gay friends and is now trying to be more social. He's tried to start conversations, but they always fade and he starts to feel uneasy. How can Steve meet new gay friends and build his social skills?

Hard Time Finding a Date
Are you having a hard time finding a date, but not into the bar or online scene? Let Mona show you how to find a man by doing what you already do.

Is He Into You Or Just Into The Friendship?
When he's trying to get to know you

Have Your Relationships With Men Changed?
Do you find yourself dating the same kind of man? Have your relationships with men changed since you were a kid? Tell us about your dating patterns.

Gay Dating - Find Your Passion, Find Your Guy
The more energy you put into your passion, the greater chance of you have of finding a date.

Gay Dating - Protecting Your Self-Esteem
Your self-esteem doesn't have to suffer just because your dating life is lacking. Here's why you shouldn't tie your self-esteem into your dating life.

Finding A Boyfriend Takes TIme
Finding a boyfriend takes a lot of patience, but how much times do you need to find a boyfriend?

Feminine With A Masculine Type
He identifies as a feminine gay man, but he's only attracted to masculine men. Is it normal for feminine gay men to be attracted to a masculine gay men?

When You're Only Attracted To Guys You Cannot Have
Is he really only attracted to straight boys or is it that he likes the things he cannot have? Here's what to do if you're only attracted to the things you can't have.

Dating Boot Camp
Take back your dating life with this daily dating boot camp filled with the tips and tools you need to get a date, seal the deal and make the relationship last.

Why You Can't Find A Man
Why can't he find a man? All the guys he ever dates want is sex, not a relationship. What's he doing wrong in his search for a man?

Why You Should Be Going Out Alone
Going out with your friends and having little luck finding a date? Maybe you should be going out alone.

Is It Time To Make A Move?
He's flirting, but is it time to make a move?

I Want A Relationship So Bad, But I Like Skinny Men
What do you do when you're yearning for a relationship and it's just not happening? The last time you tried, he said you were moving too fast. Besides, you're plus size and the skinny men refuse to look at you.

Finding Someone Special To Date
Finding someone special to date is not always easy. But you can significantly increase your chances of finding some to date with a little extra effort.

Singles: Thrive, Don't Just Survive This Holiday Season
Some people view being single during the holidays as the end of the world. The truth is, being single during the holidays gives you the opportunity to create a new beginning and focus on the world you imagine for yourself. If you are single during this holiday season, take time to refresh, reconnect and recommit yourself.

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