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Top 8 Condom Brands for Gay Men

By Nathan Seven Scott and Jared Shuler

Safer sex has never been easier with the accessibility of free condoms. Unfortunately, free condoms come at the sacrifice of variety. If you value personal comfort and choice over cost (or the lack there of), then let this list of top condom brands be your starting point.

We asked Nathan "Seven" Scott and Jared Shuler, zany hosts of the irresistible & Show on YouTube, to review the best condom brands on the market today. Here's their list of top condoms.

1. Kimono

A Condom in a Packet
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One of the best latex condoms on the market. Kimono's are 20% thinner than most condoms, yet just as safe with their smooth and easy feel. Kimono condoms are best for the more discriminating condom user.
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2. Kimono Micro Thin

Even thinner than it's aforementioned sister, Kimono Micro Thins easily rank as one of our most popular. Kimono obviously focuses on comfort without sacrificing safety. For safer sex without the sensation of wearing a condom, Kimono Micro Thins work best.
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3. Trojan Magnum XL

When other condoms just don't measure up, Trojan Magnum XL's are the way to go. This condom is 30% larger than the standard condom but ranks at the top of our list.
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4. Durex Warming Pleasures

Durex Warming Pleasures hit the spot on a cold night when the apartment heat isn't working. The lubricated wraps warm on contact for both partner's pleasure.
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5. Pleasure Plus

Pleasure Plus condoms come in trendy Fendi-like eyeglass case. The condoms themselves looks like old hot combs and feature a roomy pouch with fine internal ribs at the tip. The ribbed pouch gives a rugged tickle sensation when moved back and forth.
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6. Inspiral

If you were walking along the beach and stumbled upon a small seashell and put it on the tip of a condom, you’d have the Inspiral. It creates a twisted spiral for anal pleasure. Try Inspiral on the beach for the full effect.
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7. Trojan Mint Tingle

Trojan Mint Tingle is the freshest for those that prefer scented sensual pleasure. Experience this green, minty flavored and scented condom. Water-based lubricant is recommended.
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8. Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded

Beyond Seven, made from strong and durable sheerlon material provides a lighter condom feel. These condoms come lightly lubricated and studded for extra pleasure.
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