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Top 6 Resources For Gays With Disabilities


Disabilities, such as blindness, hearing loss, stuttering, and chronic illness, provide additional challenges for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people.

Karen Shook, co-chair of Regard, a UK-based advocacy organization, says disabled people are often ostracized due to the gay community's obsession with the "body beautiful." She tells Pink News, "Disabled people are more often seen as an object of pity rather than on an equal basis." 

Here are a few organizations that help support and empower disabled gays, and advocate for inclusion. 


This UK-based organization founded in 1989 to address the absence of information and lack of understanding about the reality of disabled lesbians and gay men working within the disability movement.


This site sponsored by The Deaf Queer Resource Center (DQRC), a national nonprofit resource and information center, is for and about deaf LGBTers.

Blind LGBT Pride International

Blind LGBT Pride International (formerly BFLAG) is an affiliate of the American Council of the Blind.  They provide for the betterment of the lives of LGBT people who are visually impaired.

Passing Twice

An informal network of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender stutterers and their friends.

Disability Now

An inclusive print publication for those living with disabilities.


Dedicated to the memory of the deaf lost to AIDS.

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