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Gay Marriage and Relationships


Looking for places you can get married as a gay man? Wondering how to spice up your gay marriage or relationship? These pages offer articles, tips and tools on how to start a new life with your same-sex partner and keep your marriage alive.
  1. Gay and Lesbian Marriage
  2. Same-Sex Adoption/Parenting
  3. Health and Fitness
  1. Living With HIV
  2. Money and Career
  3. History and Heritage

Gay and Lesbian Marriage

Thinking of tying the knot? Here is the information you need to know about your right to love.

Same-Sex Adoption/Parenting

Take a tour of same-sex adoption laws and information, including where same-sex adoption is legal and how you can start a family.

Health and Fitness

It doesn't take much to make the shift to healthier habits and healthy living. A healthier lifestyle can lead to less stress, lower doctor bills, and increased energy. Take the first steps to feeling better about our body, mind and spirit.

Living With HIV

Are you living with HIV, just diagnosed with or seeking information on HIV? These days, many see HIV as a "chronicle" illness, but we run the danger of lessening the severity of the pandemic and the urgency to find a cure by using such a descriptor. More than 25 years after the first AIDS diagnosis, we still have yet to find a cure and infection numbers have risen beyond original estimates. Get the information you need on HIV/AIDS.

Money and Career

A pink piggy bank.

Who brings home the cheddar—the dough, the bread, the money— in your relationship? Do you make more than he does or is it the other way around? And if so, is it an issue in your relationship? Money can make or break any good partnership. Balance your relationship by balancing your budget.

History and Heritage

Flag from the 2000 Millenium March in Washington

Some would argue that you can't move forward until you know where you started. So, before we march on, let's take a look back at some interesting gay history facts.

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