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Are Gay Men Saying No To 420?

Gay Men and Marijuana


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Dear Ramon,

I've been reading the online profiles on some of the gay men's web sites and I noticed party and play is not very popular because almost everyone says "No PNP." However, most people who say "No PNP" also say "No 420." What does 420 stand for?

Dear Curious Cannabis,

420 is the universal tag for smoking marijuana. What does this mean for gay men? Well, as you discovered, gay men don't just state their personality or relationship preferences on online profiles, many also indicate their stance on drug use.

Party and play (or drug use during sex) became popular in many circles because of the perceived increase in sexual arousal brought on by the high. This game proved to be more of a dead end than an adventure. Recent studies show that drug use (like the popular tina or viagra) during sex increases the chances of contracting HIV. So, many gay guys have wised up and said no to drugs!

Yours drug free,

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