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Gay Life Around The World

World gay rights news and information.

Same-Sex Registered Partnership Laws In Iceland

A summary of same-sex registered partnership laws in Iceland.

Same-Sex Civil Unions In Latvia

A summary of same-sex civil unions in Latvia.

Same-Sex Civil Unions In Luxembourg

A summary of same-sex civil unions in Luxembourg.

Civil Unions Laws In New Zealand

A summary of same-sex civil union laws in New Zealand.

Same-Sex Registeres Partnerships In Switzerland

A summary of same-sex registered partnerships in Switzerland.

Same-Sex Registered Partnerships In Hungary

A summary of same-sex partnerships in Hungary.

Life Partnership Act In Germany

A summary of same-sex registered partnership (Life Partnership Act) laws in Germany.

Civil Unions (Pacte Civil de Solidarité) In France

A summary of same-sex civil unions or pacte civil de solidarité (pacs) in France.

Civil Partnerships In Finland

A summary of same-sex civil unions in Finland.

Civil Partnerships In Denmark

A summary of same-sex civil union laws in Denmark.

Civil Partnerships In Croatia

A summary of same-sex civil partnership laws in Croatia.

Gay Life and Gay Rights Around the World

A snapshot of gay life and gay rights in different countries around the world.

Homosexuality in India Under Section 377

Homosexuality is currently illegal in India under penal code Section 377, but efforts are underway to repeal the anti-gay statute.

The First Ever Bengaluru Gay Pride

Pictures from the first gay and lesbian pride march in Bengaluru, Karnataka India on June 29,2008.

J-FLAG (Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays)

Jamaica has a long-running tradition of rampant homophobia and anti-gay violence. J-FLAG, the nations oldest human rights organization for gay, lesbian and all-sexual Jamaicans, provides services, lobbying and support for this marginalized community. Read more about J-FLAG, including easy ways you can help create a safer environment for queer...

Gay in Russia

Russia, the post-Soviet nation, may have a growing economy, but equal gay rights and cultural acceptance of LGBT people is moving at a snail's pace. Read about gay life in Russia and Russian culture.

Gay in China

The onslaught of AIDS has forced China, the forth largest country in the world, to address HIV and their gay culture. Read about gay rights and life in China.

Italy Thwarts Vatican In Move To Give Gay Couples Rights

The Italian Cabinet approved legislation that would grant legal protections to unmarried couples—including same-sex partners.

Behind Israels Gay Marriage Plan

Under the new ruling, however, gay couples that marry abroad can now reside in Israel as a registered married couple and not just a civil partnership. Learn more.

Gay Marriage Legal in Canada!

The lines are around the corner at every chapel in Canada now that same-sex marriage is legal.

Gay Marriage Legal in Spain

Spain becomes the third country along with The Netherlands and Belgium to allow gay marriage nationwide. Canada is expected to follow by the end of July. Gay couples in Spain can also legally adopt children and inherit each others' property. Read about the worldwide celebration.

What About Gay Rights in North Korea?

What is gay life like in a secretive country such as North Korea? Read the country's official response to homosexuality and see if the experts agree with their claim of human rights.
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