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Readers Respond: How Did You Find Your Boyfriend

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Reader Nobuddy says: "It seems to me that Internet is just the only way to find one. Is it true? If it isn't, could you suggest any other common ways?" Tell us, how did you find your boyfriend?

Love's Axis . ..

At the movies, then saw him again at a party, then we clicked .. . and we broke up ..and then we spent like 3yrs apart broken up , because of me and my young, dumb carelessness. Now it's crazy b/c I was in another relationship, for almost 2 yrs between that first time frame..I've loved this person very much. Unaware, a love greater existed in me, it's power surfaced and I had to come to the conclusion: I should've NEVER left the first one . ..I feel so free now, and I'm happier than ever. ..but I happen to keep in touch with the "other" great love too, we're pretty good friends actually, (laughter is good medicine btw.) .. .Your love can have limits, that's how you know who "The One", really is .. .deuces : )
—Guest LiveLife : )

Online Romance

We met on an internet dating site. I was just coming out at 45 and he had been out most of his adult life. We chatted for a few weeks and decided to meet. As we put it, we would meet and the worst thing that could happen is that we met a new friend. After almost two years, some very bumpy times and some of the best times in my life, we are still together. It takes some work, but we both think, once we get over all the bumps, it will be smooth sailing.
—Guest pcouch0328

How I met my partner.

I met my partner over the internet. After chatting for about two months, we decided to meet. I flew up to his city and spent the weekend with him. Two months later he gave up his home and moved in with me. It was not easy in the the beginning as I had been too long on my own. One becomes quite selfish when they have lived on their own for such a long time. Anyway, we worked through all that and 8 years down the line we are still a unit. Our love for each other has grown so much stronger and we will remain together for the rest of our lives. We are both in our 60's and both live a very active life.

AOL Chatrooms

I found my boyfriend on an AOL chat room about 4-5 years ago. Before their profiles became more high-tech, learning about a new man was a bit easier. He and I lived about 3-4 miles from each other in the same town, and the first move was his - he IM'd me. I think we chatted for an hour or more before we called it a night, and we both agreed that meeting would be beneficial. Unfortunately, it took quite a while for me (closet case) to finally work up the balls to meet him. Our first meeting was very nice - just some friendly chat and a parting kiss that came as a surprise to me. We didn't see each other again for over a year, after I'd finally relented to myself and realized I'd really (really!) like to get to know him. Now, we are together as often as possible. Our conversations are rich and enjoyable, our sexual compatibility is extraordinary and we've actually realized how much love we have for each other. I hope and plan to spend many more years with my man.

boyfriend through fb

The most common way to find love is through the internet nowadays. For me, I did not find my current boyfriend; he found me. All it took was a simple friend request and an IM conversation. It was sometime in November or December of last year that he friended me, and a couple days later a simple "hi" came about. I honestly didnt know what to expect weeks into it seeing as how we'd end up fighting pretty often (but thats just what not being able to see each other does after a while - going to diff colleges). Finally, after about a month or two of talking on fb and skype, I went to go meet him. I will never forget that night. We really hit it off, and I can see myself being with him for the rest of my life (not to sound mushy or anything though) because I really do love him. We still fight a bit, but whenever I visit we make the most of it. Thankfully I will be transfering to UW-Madison soon so I can see him everyday. But yeah, thats my story. I never wouldve thought I'dmeet my bf this way
—Guest Corey

Took A Chance

I've just moved from New York, City to Sumter,SC. I desided to go to the bookstore with my brother to rent some movies. I met a guy in the adult section. We started talking and we exchange numbers. A few days past then I call him, he ask to meet me and we did. I drove to his place and we got to know eachother better. He was 41 years old and I was 21 at the time. I took a chance with a older man. It workes out and we lasted for only 2 years then we parted after that. The love afair between us lasted breifly after then we soon went out own ways..
—Guest Darrell

Through a friend

I was with a friend, we'd been drinking all afternoon during gay pride, meeting some of his friends at a social thing. Then he said, let's go to Dan's place, and we got there, my friend proceeded to get completely hammered, he left, and Dan and I spent the night and the next day (watching the pride parade) together.
—Guest Belcat

Internet does work.

I met my boyfriend through a dating website. After weeks of convincing by my best friend, I decided to make a profile. I met him about a month or so after joining the site. We've been together for about 10 months now. A lot of people I know have bad experiences with internet dating, perhaps I got lucky...

Met by chance

We both grew up in the same small town in Texas but never met up until I moved to another state and then moved back a year later. I worked at a video store in town and he was just one of the customers. He overheard me and a coworker talking about giving me a ride home and he offered to help. We became good friends and after six months we realized we must be a couple. We actually had to "make up" an anniversary date since our friendship slowly progressed into a relationship. Five years later and we're still going strong!
—Guest Brandon

Best friends

He was my best friend since we were kids and I liked him since the sixth grade. I went out with a few guys in high-school but I still liked him. We were sharing a house when we were nineteen and we got drunk one night and I kissed him. He kissed me back. Long story short: been together for five years, aiming for forever.
—Guest R.


never had one so don't know. have no lifeno one in my life need help finding someone
—Guest no-life

Finding a Boyfriend, boyfriend

I met one of my boyfriends through friends. It seems I was the too-good-to-be-single friend and so was he. I met him during a dinner that was being thrown on his birthday. I wasn't invited by him but by a few friends that really thought him and I would get along and possibly date. I moved in with him a few months later and we could have made it but as random as our meeting was so was our relationship. Him and I never got to be friends and that is so important. This was a perfect set-up on everyone inolved part but there are folks that assume that all gay people should naturally get along or get it on and you know that is never the case. I can't say that this wasn't an incredible relationship or run but him and I went from meeting, to dating for a brief moment and then we ended up living together which happened in a span of 5 months. We were talking long-term goals and that involved children and even marriage. He was one of the true loves of my life.
—Guest Curt Curt

How did you find your boy friend.

In a gay bar DRUNK. He wanted to have a drink with him. I ordered my own & he asked not for him, I said you've already had too much. He said come home with me for a coffee I started to say no, but he had the cutest dimples I went home with him. It lasted for 33 years until he passed away.

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