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Readers Respond: I Love Being Gay Because

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What's the best thing about being gay? Share the good, the bad, and the best...

I Love Being Gay

I Love Being Gay Because , It Shows Me Who I Am, Im Not Like Other Gay Guys I Have Fun, I Joke, Play I Enjoy Life .. And I Just Do Me Being Gay Is The One Thing That Makes Me Happy In Life In All Honesty , Without This Personality I Dont Know I Could Make It !
—Guest Tyreese

Sad but equally Happy

It's sad because people will normally think of you as a bad person. Or they'll say you may be nice but you'd sure be going to hell. I feel sad about that because I may be gay but like them, they have sinned enough to go to hell too but being gay is more of an eye catcher to Christians. You are more prone to being told to going to hell... Plus you fall inlove with the wrong person. :(
—Guest Superman

i love being lesbian

I love being lesbian been in a relationship for 4 years but i just dont kno if to continue dating butches ive got played like a sucker for that long..time goes by and i met another one she came into my life i was good all by my self here she come n beg odee for me to spend time with ok here i go n let her in my life..what the fuck for?? So i could get played again..why do i go thu all this?? Im so confused!! My feeling grow for her..from now on my heart is shut down...
—Guest yaya


I do enjoy, at times, being gay because of the fact that you don't have to worry about the risk of pregnancy. However, it really hurts to know that you can't have the type of options a straight person would normally have in the dating world, which makes you feel as though you'll never find someone to love or be happy with. It causes me to feel like an unwritten fairytale, always true but never loved.
—Guest that person


I love being me a lesbian and i have finally found the love of my life i have been with a few men thinking i was straight and knowing deep down inside this wasn't right so i then tried women and i finally found what is truly know is right to me.


I love being me a lesbian and i have finally found the love of my life i have been with a few men thinking i was straight and knowing deep down inside this wasn't right so i then tried women and i finally found what is truly know is right to me.
—Guest squishy

It hurts

I sometimes hate being gay, why? because sometimes, for the the most part you end up fallin inlove with your best friend, (who for the the most part will be STARIGHT!) and there is nothing you an do that will evr change his mind unles he falls in love with you, which is rare! hmmmm, this is what has been happening to me.
—Guest Guest Edgar

being gay is hard

i am 13 and im gay the good thing is you have alot more choices the bad thing is i fell in love with a popular girl and she has a boyfriend.
—Guest hunter girl

I love it

well, at first, I always sorta hated it. I always wanted to be straight. As time went on, it kinda got worse. Then I made this friend who was also gay and he taught me that there was nothing wrong with it. He is the only one I've come out to. He became my closest friend and now I love my life. The only problem I'm having with it right now is that.. I think I might be falling in love with him.. But I really don't want to ruin the perfect friendship that we have. So I'm constantly fighting with that problem.. It has it's ups and downs.
—Guest amachan04


Free from the shackles that bind. So much intimacy. No questioning. Bodies just pleasing each other.


It's not a walk in the park being gay but it's normal for me. It's not much different from being straight (I think?). I get butterflies when I talk to people I like, I am thrown into a loop when I try to make them happy, I love my gf with all my heart and I'm not all about the sex. That's what a relationship is. So what if I like women? Why the h*** should that define me? I feel no need to shout it out to the world, but I won't hide behind a closet door. I'm me, not a gay character. So yes, you can suck my imaginary you-know-what.
—Guest Nana

Im only inlove with one girl

I dont label myself because i dont like other chicks im so head over heels over my girlfriend i love her to bits. it feels so natural and right they dont stink like guys and the sex is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest CR

Angels and Demons

First thing im not out to my family or friends,having said that..... Best thing i felt is ,other str8 guys feel protective abt me though they don't realise why, worst thing is wen u hear ur father use the word faggot as insult to person he hates most ~
—Guest from India with love

is being gay a bad thing

being gay is not a bad thing if u expressing ur self is wat u do
—Guest amunique

I love being gay

I love being gay because this is what makes me realized and know what is the true meaning of love having lived-in with a boyfriend for 2 years and 9 months now who is a straight GUY.
—Guest Michelle

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