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Readers Respond: If You're Gay In College, You Should Know This

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A greater number of colleges and universities are offering gender neutral housing for their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. What was your college dorm experiences? Share tips and stories with other gay college kids.

saying the all important "I'm gay"

Well I'm 15 and recently came out to the world. I started noticing I wasn't even close to interested to girls about a year ago and I was afraid like any other. I have a gay friend and I was afraid to deal with what he had. Constantly being picked on. Well one day I was hanging out with him and people were making fun of us calling us a couple which I really wanted. Well one of them put a hand on my friend and I decked the kid ending the confrontations there. He was almost in tears so I+ended+up+hugging+him+and+a+week+later+we+began+dating.+My+mother+hated+this+along+with+the+rest+of+my+family+but+I+don't+care.+All+I'm+saying+is+comming+out+and+being+free+is+great+and+worth+the+world.+If+you+stay+bottled+up+you+won't+find+love
—Guest guest

gay is cool

gay is cool. you guys should get to know who you are at your own pace, & then share who you are when you feel like it. you should share with the important people in your life - trustworthy people who support you, your role models & *good* friends. get out there & connect with all different gay scenes - clubs, groups, organizations. gay is cool. I am a *boi* & my *gay* is *boi & boi*. I am coming out now as a life's journey like *Coming of Age* because I've never had to deal with "the closet" because I have such supportive people in my life. gay is cool & you should change things up that you're on top. don't care what anyone else thinks (other's negative judgments). besides, *gay* is complex & you shouldn't feel bad about anything, going hard on yourself for not being *out* before or whatever, because who you are is a big subject. I am a *boi* & my *gay* world totally *rocks*. I'm totally on top, I'm confident - everybody in my world supports me & I'm *cool*. itgetsbetter.org *boi*
—Guest choxie

Unwelcomed Gay

I'm 16 ys old boy , i was in close with my bff he knew that im gay and he's ok with that , i thought its ok to go in public until someone kissed me on the neck , well i didnt see him so now everyone hates me in the school they think im an asshole and some of my Friends left me , now im going to another school (well it was my old school) and im afraid of getting the same respond Help plz....email me
—Guest NiceBoy

Trying to come out

I am a 22 yr. old guy in college and iv'e been pretending to be straight for my whole life. When I was very young I was interested in boys and when I was 15 in an all boys boarding school I had my first sexual experience with another boy, and then another. I've always been terrified that every one would hate me if they knew I was gay or that I wouldn't have any friends. Iv'e now come to terms with the fact that If I continue hiding my sexuality and denying who I am that I will continue to have excess stress and life will be miserable. I am truly excited to experience the freedom and relief that I understand coming out has to offer. Thank you all for your posts, they have served to support my decision to come out and uplift my spirit.

Live Life Your Way

I am a 16 year old girl and have been dating my girlfriend for a year and three months now. At first I was afraid of how people would react but now i say to hell with remeber it you who are living your life!! NO ONE ELSE!!!!
—Guest Guest Me

Don't be scared of people findin out

I'm 17 and I live in London. I tried to hide my sexuality and pretend that I wasn't gay. My best friend tried to hook me up with this girl. She was nice but I didn't like her in that way. Well I agreed to go to a club with her and we got a bit drunk. Eventually she starts to kiss me and I shout out "I'm gay so get ya hands off my arse". As you could imagine it didn't go downwell. she went into a huge fit and told all my college that I was gay. Everyone had already expected it and they were fine about it. Apart from this one guy that I ended up kicking the crap of. The following month I seen the same lass in a gay bar kissing one of my lesbian friends lol. So my gay friends there is absolutely no need to be scared about people finding out if ur gay and it's easier than telling them to. The freedom is amazing and I'm much happier now than I was before.
—Guest Randy

do it.

i'm 14 and recently came out of the closet to my year at school (and some others) as expected i now have a bloody homophobe mocking me, but lots of people didnt mind, a few days ago i admited to fancying my best freind, turns out he fancy's me too! so my advise is to screw your nerves, just do it!
—Guest LeftWing

Finally everything better

I am a 17 yr old guy who thought that if i came out EVERYONE would like hate me or not understand .. and you know i was wrong . To tell the truth most ( actually all ) either already knew or they were supportive . My advice to all guys and even girls who are afraid to come out or whatever reason . dont be ! if your friends dont understand who you REALLY are then truely they arent your real friends . BE REAL .. not someone your not .
—Guest Chris456

teen gay help

Hi, I'm a gay 13yr old. I live in Maryland which is an outskirt of dc. You know raised christian, baazy blazy. I want to come out but I only told 3 girls at my school. I'm afraid if I tell everyone they would change their opinion on me. I went to an all boy school before and had a boyfriend in a way. Ok basically we would always sit together, he might give me looks. Also he kind of sometimes tried to touch me sexually becuase he watches me in gym rubs on my but and a couple of times at gym grabs me bends me over and bangs his balls against my but. He alo tried to kiss me. He even asked me my penis size. But to not seem gay I say ew your gay, pretending to not enjoy it. He says he's not gay but if he does that he is. He also went through my phones history found gay porn and watched it. He even trys to fight all my battles. I mean. I enjoy his company maybe too agreesive. That's why I left that school. I still like him though a lot. He's very hot.:)
—Guest cutrkidteddy

I could not muster enough energy to tell

i have being having it pretty hard to let others know that i am a gay.Is like saying so will spell a doom 4 me.what can i do
—Guest Baron G

a gay in the closet....

i'm gay(or bi) and i still haven't come out to my friends in my only-boys school. not to everybody anyway. i just told my teacher. i'm pretty effeminate but i hate the color pink! some of my friends says that i'm in love with my best friend(which is entirely true) but i deny it all the time. anyway, they still think i'm straight. they keep telling me to see how the new female teacher is walking and to watch pornographic clips because it is what real man do but i don't want to. i just want to be myself and tell my BFF what are my true feelings for him. i'm afraid of his reaction and my other friend's reaction when they will know all about it. my school is TOTALLY HOMOPHOBIC and i don't really know what to do so for now i just hang around pretending that i'm straight and that i don't find other boys cute


im a guy from an all boys boarding school who is fifteen. I have a couple of friends who im thinking of coming out to but im not sure if i should. Im pretty sure a couple have figured it out though. Please Help.
—Guest guy

coming out

I came out to my friends an year back, in my second last year of college. There are many who treat me differently after that but its a lot better being out. Things got a bit out of hand for me as I started developing feelings for my straight best friend. [this was before coming out] Today I have moved on, and i feel pretty stupid for not coming out earlier. People will never be ready to hear "i,m gay" from you. There will e never be the perfect time for coming out. Just do it anyways..
—Guest nishant

Lone Gay in College?

hi everyone.im 22yrs old, almost completing my college course(got one year to go).no one else in my class knows im gay, and im having such difficulty interacting with people.i mean,all my friends are straight, and i feel so afraid to come out to them.to the extent that i try to isolate myself and avoid people.could anyone give me some advice here,coz sometimes i can't concentrate on my studies coz my mind is so preoccupied worrying about my future. in my society,people are so homophobic, not yet used to the idea of gays. so i figured i'd be the black sheep among the white flock, lol. any advice, i'd truly be grateful.thnx.

i am not bi

i had been in college for two years and nobody knew that i was gay, personally i thought the way that i acted was pretty effeminate which made me think that everybody knew that i was gay. i had gotten close with this girl and i could feel that she was attracted to me but i didn't feel the same way about her, actually i thought of her as my best friend so before anything would have happened i told her that i was bi and that i was interested in this guy friend that was in my class because i wanted to get her off my back but at the same time i didn't really feel ready to come out yet and i figured saying that i was bi would be easier, but i was wrong the fact is that when i said i was bi didn't change a thing, i was still lying to my friend and she still believed that she had a chance with me because she figured that i was still interested in girls which was not the case. so after a while i ended up telling her that i was actually gay. she did not take it well at all she felt betrayed
—Guest hackett

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