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Benedict Cumberbatch Cracks the Code in The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch

If the trailers to the new Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game are indications of success, then British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is in for a nice treat come award time.  

Gay Hacks
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How To Marry Your Same-Sex Partner in Virginia

In a courtroom victory for same-sex (commonly known as gay) marriage supporters, a federal appeals court in late July 2014 struck down Virginia’s ban on same-sex unions. In anticipation of legal gay marriage, I've compiled a list of quick steps to obtaining a marriage licence in Virginia so that you can start planning with your partner.

The Slow Queering of Comic Books

London-based film critic Carlos Lopes contemplates gay life through the slow 'queering' of comic books and the growing popularity of superhero movies.

Benedict Cumberbatch Cracks the Code in The Imitation Game

If the new trailers are any indication, Benedict Cumberbatch's performance as British code-beaker Alan Turing is award-winning.

The Polari First Book Prize for LGBT Authors

The Polari First Book Prize celebrates literature which best explores the queer experience.

OUT in the line-up: A Documentary About Gay Surfers

OUT in the line-up follows the story of champion surfer David Wakefield, who in 1992 became state champion only to put his professional career on hold for fear of gay backlash in the surfing industry.

Behind Sir Ian McKellen and his 'Vicious' New Comedy

From what Sir Ian McKellen says, some of his friends think his new PBS sitcom "Vicious" with co-star Sir Derek Jacobi is beneath him, but critics and fans say the series is one of the closest of all time to the reality of being gay.

Is Your HIV Care Covered Under The Affordable Care Act?

With lower premium costs, acceptance of pre-existing conditions and reduced prescription drug prices, the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) is good for gay and bisexual men living with HIV.

3 Things To Know Before Joining The Boy Scouts

With the Boy Scouts of America's two-tiered policy on openly gay members it's difficult to know who is allowed to serve and who is not.

Arcade Fire: Sorry No Trans* Actors Allowed

Win Butler of Arcade Fire is feeling the heat after being criticized for using a straight instead of Trans* actor in their video 'We Exist'. He says it was better for exposure, but the decision has opened deeper questions about whether Trans* characters should be played by real Trans* people.

Trans*Hacks: 4 Ways To Help Trans*folk Get Around Content Filters

Trans* people face a tremendous amount of discrimination both on and offline. Often, the services they need is trapped behind content filters that assume the information is explicit or 'inappropriate'. A group of Trans* hactivists are taking matters into their own hands by helping Trans* people get the resources they need.

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