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Ramon Johnson

Isiah Thomas and son Zeke pose for gay marriage

By August 9, 2010

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As the New York Knicks say yes to their new adviser, basketball legend Isiah Thomas and DJ son Joshua Zeke give a thumbs down to hate in the NoH8 ad campaign in support gay marriage.

Thomas appears in two photos with his mouth duct-tapped and "NOH8" tattooed on his cheek— one with him alone and the other with his son, "Zeke." Underneath the ad reads: "We are Isiah and Joshua Thomas. We posed for the NOH8 Campaign because we believe that all hate and discrimination is wrong. It is time for full equality and equal rights for everyone, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, or gender."

The NoH8 shoot is a fresh start (and an important one) for Isiah, who's had major image problem after being booted from the Knicks for sexual harassment of a former Knicks employee. The franchise seems willing to forgive and forget—re-hiring him as a part-time consultant—and maybe by re-branding himself Isiah hopes we will do the same. The NoH8 campaign sends the right message, perhaps signaling a new openness at the NBA.

Regardless, the impact of celebs like Isiah showing their support for same-sex loving people goes a long way in communities that look to them as role models, especially in typically homophobic professional sports. And by posing with his son, Isiah is speaking to all generations to end the stigma surrounding gay men.
October 19, 2013 at 3:21 am
(1) Lawrence says:

When did deviant sexual relationships become all the rage? How have we as a nation fallen so low as to accept clearly unnatural behavior as something good and wholesome. We are on a fast track of moral decay, that will see behavior once seen as depraved, become commonly accepted as normal.

Our nation will be destroyed from within. Our live and let live mantra, will lead to the death of the America we once knew. God help us all.

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