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Ramon Johnson

Ramon Johnson

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Keywords: queer study, queer of color, race, critical theory

Ramon is a PhD researcher in the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London. His thesis on Afro-aesthetics and countercultural practices explores how people are informed by political environments and alternative ways of living. Here he finds interest in the rupture of identity through modes of social disorder. Ramon graduated from the University of Essex with an MA in Sociological Research in 2013 and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a BSe in Mechanical Engineering. With over ten years experience in digital journalism and new media field, Ramon has dedicated his career to life potentials of underrepresented people. Ramon currently lives in London, England.


In 2008, Ramon was named 'GLBT Person of the Year' by GayAgenda and in 2009, Gay Life at About.com was selected as 'Best Gay Lifestyle Blog' by BestGayBlogs.com. Ramon was regular speaker at youth diversity organization Live Out Loud Reciprocity Foundation, and a youth mentor at The Ali Forney Center, an LGBT homeless youth service organization. He was named one of Clik Magazine's 25 Most Influential Gay African-Americans in media for his contributions to the LGBT community and has been a guest gay lifestyle expert on Proper Television's "TV Made Me Do It," Q Television's "On Q Live," "The Derek and Romaine Show" on Sirius Satellite Radio and New York's Power 105 morning radio show.

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