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Top Myths About Bisexual Men


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The nature of bisexuality is easily misunderstood by both gays and straight people. The thought of a person that is attracted to both men and women can be confusing, especially within cultural models that classify sexuality as either one or the other. The middle voids the entire concept of sexuality as being fluid, instead of learned or defined. Plus, some use their misunderstanding of the concept of bisexuality to label themselves bi, when in fact they are in the process of accepting another form of sexuality. These things can lead to misconceptions about the validity of bisexuality and, in turn, the devaluation of bisexual people.

Below are myths commonly associated with bisexual men and women:
  • Myth: Bisexuality Is Only A Phase
    Many bisexual people feel limited by the thought of being attracted to only a man or a woman. Their attractions, both physical and emotional, to the individual take precedence over the need to partner with just men or women. Discovering one's bisexuality happens by the same process as coming out in any other form of sexuality. Bisexual experiences may happen for people that are discovering their sexuality, even though they are not bisexual. So, it is common to view the experiences of actual bisexual people as just a phase.

  • Myth: Bisexual People Are Just Confused
    Bisexual people embody the true nature of fluid sexuality. This is not to say that they "sway" back and forth," but that there are varying degrees of bisexuality. Some bisexual people "lean straight," as it's called, meaning they prefer a member of the opposite sex, but same-sex partners are an option. Others "lean gay," or the exact opposite. Their preferences are no more a choice than those of straight, gay or asexual people.

  • Myth: Bisexuals Are Promiscuous
    Twice the options, twice the fun, some may think—a thought which often places bisexuality as a synonym to promiscuity. However, the process to find a partner for dating, sex, or a relationship is the same for bisexual individuals as it is for others. The number of viable partners does not make one any more or less promiscuous. Each individual, bisexual or not, conducts their dating life based on their person standard, whatever they may be.
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