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Ways You Can Celebrate National Coming Out Day


A kid waves a flag at gay pride in London.

A kid waves a flag at gay pride in London.

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National Coming Out Day is an annual day to celebrate sexual identity and gender expression and to increase government and social awareness of LGBT issues. National Coming Out Day dates back to 1988 and is celebrated each year on the 11th of October. There is no formal commemoration of National Coming Out Day, but there are ways you can celebrate the LGBT holiday:
  1. Come Out
    You don't have to come out on National Coming Out Day (coming out should happen only when you are ready); but if you do choose to begin the process of coming out, follow these steps.

  2. Support Someone Who Is Coming Out or Already Out
    Support a key component of the coming out process. I refer to coming out as a "process" because rarely does one disclose their sexual identity at one time. A person first comes out to themselves, then others and then more over a period of time. It's important to be as supportive as possible to someone you know that's coming out (or already out). Your affirmative acceptance can thwart any fears or pain they may have. Your support creates a positive foundation in their lives before, during and after they come out.

  3. Speak About It
    Grab your cell or cam and create a YouTube video expressing your feelings about being LGBT. You can also share your coming out story or vid about how you support your LGBT loved ones. Don't stop there: Write about free sexual identity and gender expression on your Facebook Wall; Twitter your followers about your support for LGBT causes; or share a story on your blog or vlog.

  4. Volunteer
    There are many LGBT organizations, community centers and youth services that need your help. Volunteer your time or resources to help further LGBT causes and help LGBT youth and adults in need.

  5. Recruit A Straight Friend
    The number of people that support LGBT people is larger than you might think. Reach out to your straight friends and ask them to support LGBT causes.
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