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Top Gay Cars 2010


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Best Gay Teen Machine
Ford Fiesta wins Top Car For Gay Teens.

Ford revives the Fiesta and wins teen appeal.

2011 Ford Fiesta
This summer Ford will launch a redux of an old entry just in time for school breaks. The 2011 Fiesta is one of the most highly anticipated Fords in years. Ironically, the previous Fiesta was almost single handily responsible for Ford's tarnishing Found-On-The-Road-Dead jokeline. Oh, how times have changed.

Once unsure, like the gay teen, Ford has found its voice sans bailout money, becoming one of the most solid brands out there. The Fiesta is confident, secure, label-defying, and sure to liven up any expressway.

At 13K base, the Fiesta's entry price is almost as attractive as its presence and the projected 30/40 mpg leaves more cash for iPad apps. The Fiesta is versatile with both sedan and hatch options and has a cool array of colors like Lime Squeeze Metallic and Yellow Blaze Metallic. It's here, it's queer. So what!

Ford is still hesitant to give up its plasticy base options for fewer, more sophisticated offerings. Exciting aesthetic should be standard, not optional. Cars as exciting as the Fiesta need only two options: cool and cooler, not watered-down packages for the budget and fleet conscious.
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