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Top 4 Free Gay Online Greeting Cards


While browsing the web, I came across some very entertaining and heart-wrenchingly sweet online greeting cards (or e-cards) made especially for gay men. Don't leave your special someone empty-handed this Valentine's Day or any other special occasion!

1. Love Tattoo

Has your boyfriend considered tattooing your name on his chest but so far has been too afraid to do it? Now he can (pain free) with this ink shop greeting card.

2. I Love You More

If you're a cat person, you'll love this one! Show your boyfriend your dedicated feline side!

3. Love is in my Heart

Pretend you had Superman's powers of x-ray vision and the ability to look right into your lover's heart. Now, this can be reality with this special online card.

4. Love is in the Air

A gay airline, a queer construction worker, a biker, a uniformed officer, a trucker and yes, an cute Native American! Enough said!
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