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Lambda Legal - Legal Help for LGBT People


What is Lambda Legal?:

Lambda Legal is a national organization that advocates for LGBT rights through litigation and education in our court systems. Lambda Legal is headquartered in New York, but also has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

What Does Lambda Legal Do?:

Lambda Legal represents clients in work discrimination, parenting rights, HIV discrimination, the rights of students in school and many other LGBT-specific cases in an effort to change laws, policies and ideas. Lambda Legal also maintains a national network of volunteer attorneys.

When Did Lambda Legal Begin?:

Lambda Legal began in 1973 with a couple of volunteers in a room in New York apartment. The organization was initially denied nonprofit status by the New York courts which believed their mission was "neither benevolent nor charitable." After two years of legal battles, Lambda Legal was granted nonprofit status. For decades since, Lambda Legal has played a key role in battling anti0gay discrimination in our government, workforce and schools.

Finding Legal Assistance:

Lambda Legal doesn't just focus on national issues such as same-sex marriage or adoption, they also handle local issues of discrimination. Have you been discriminated against and need legal assistance? Lambda Legal maintains a help desk that can assist you.

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