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Extreme Clinic Makeovers Would Increase HIV Testing
An estimated 240,000 Americans are unaware that they are HIV positive, mostly because they either have not gotten tested or refuse to pick up results. Retail company OraSure has come up with a creative solution to the growing problem. Public health clinics should do the same with creative marketing of their own.

A Nasty STD You Didn't Know About
There's a new risk of cancer in men from a virus mostly associated with women. HPV is a growing concern for gay men and can lead to anal cancer. New research suggests that what's being called oral HPV can lead to higher risks of throat, neck and head cancers as well. Here's what you should know about prevention.

Why You Never Forget A Guy's Face
Ever wonder why you remember some faces and not others or why you're attracted to certain facial features? Your ability to recognize a face may not be an issue of memory at all, but a measure of how aware you are culturally.

The Shy Guy, The Gay Loner
Reservation for one? In many social settings, the quiet shy guy aka. the loner, is considered the loser of the crowd. But not all introverts stick to themselves because they have no choice or are afraid of a body shot. Some gay men are more comfortable in a party of one or a few.

Are You Emotional Enough?
Are you emotionally healthy? Your emotional competence, or ability to express and manage emotion, could be the key to a more happy you.

The Gay Man's Guide to Understanding HIV & AIDS
Knowledge is power! An introduction to the HIV virus for gay men.

Ways Gay Men Can "Go Green" and Help the Environment
We can all do our part to preserve the environment and still maintain our quality of life. The most successful "green" people are the ones that change their lifestyle, along with their habits.

I made a conscious choice to live a more "green" lifestyle a few month ago. I decided that I would make an effort to remove as much energy and material waste from my daily routine as possible. …

Ways Gays Can Scale Back Financially During Bad Economies
There are ways gays can scale back their finances during troubling or bad economic times. Here are ways I've reduced my spending.

How Gays Can Prepare for Hurricanes, Floods and Natural Disasters
Tips on how gays can prepare for natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.

Kids of Famous Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender People
Scan through this list of people with famous and celebrity gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender parents.

Kids of Famous Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender People
Scan through this list of people with famous and celebrity gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender parents.

Before Choosing Gay Surrogacy
Surrogacy over adoption is a viable option for many gay couples seeking children. Get what you need to know before making the choice.

Family Pride
Read the profile of Family Pride, an organization that advocates for family equality for all loving families, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer parents, guardians and allies through respect and understanding.

Where is Gay Adoption Legal?
n the U.S., gay adoption laws vary from state to state. Here are the different types of adoption and a state-by-state index of adoption laws.

How To Support Children of Gay Parents
What if you're the new parent, teacher or friend of a kid who's natural mother or father is gay? Follow these steps to better support children of gay parents

My New Partner Has Kids- Dating Single Gay Parents
Even if you've never imagined being a gay parent, your new boyfriend may be a single parent with kids of his own. This doesn't have to be a deal breaker. Read these tips to integrating into your partner's life with kids.

Gay Adoption: How To Become a Gay Parent
Are you single or in a long-term gay relationship and still dream of having children? Well, adoption is an option for same-sex couples or individuals who want to become gay parents. Here you will find frequently asked questions about gay adoption.

Gay Youth in School
Gay Youth - Should gay kids in school be homeschooled to prevent harrassment and homophobic remarks?

Lesbian and Gay Adoption Rights
Lesbian Life Guide, Kathy Belge gives the pros and cons of same-sex couple adoption.

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