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Kids of Famous Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender People

Part 1


COLAGE, a San Francisco-based organization that supports kids of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents, estimates that there are over 10 million kids in the U.S. alone with one or more LGB or T parent. Scan through part 1 of this list of people with famous and notable gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender parents.

Alexander Aegus (King Alexander IV)

As the son of Alexander the Great, Alexander met an early death at the age of thirteen. As a consequence of the time, Alexander Aegus and his mother were killed by Cassader in a statement of revenge and as a power shift. Alexander's father was known to have a great love for his male lover Hephasteian, who after his death was shortly followed to his grave by Alexander the Great.

Alexandra Elizabeth "Ally" Sheedy (Siblings: Meagan and Patrick)

The daughter of marketing executive John Sheedy and a lesbian literary agent mother Charlotte, she began making TV commercials and appearing on stage at age 15. After high school, the New York-born Sheedy headed west to the University of California where she also appeared in television films. At age 21, she began her feature-film career playing adolescent girls in films such as Bad Boys and War Games. She joined the notorious "Brat Pack" in 1985 after appearing in John Hughes' The Breakfast Club. Some of Ally's other Rim Highlights include St. Elmo's Fire, Short Circuit and Chantilly Lace. She is married to actor David Lansbury, stepson of actress Angela Lansbury, and they have a daughter, Rebecca.

Alison Bechdel (Comic artist)

Alison Bechdel is best known for her long-running comic strip Dykes To Watch Out For. She grew up in rural Pennsylvania and is the queer 10.

Anne Heche (actress)

Born in Ohio, she moved 11 times before she was 12. Her father was a fundamentalist church organist who admitted to being gay after he was diagnosed with AIDS. She supported her mother, two sisters and a brother by acting in a dinner theater in Atlantic City. Beginning with a long-standing Emmy Award winning role in the soap opera Another World, Anne Heche moved on to a career in film including Donnie Braseo, Volcano, and Wag The Dog.

Charles I of England (1625 King of England)

Son of a gay father James I of England and had a gay grandfather Lord Damly.

Corin Redgrave (actor)

British stage and film actor Corin Redgrave is the son of theatrical luminaries Michael Redgrave who happened to be bisexual and Rachel Kempson, and the brother of actors Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave. He first embarked upon acting while attending Cambridge, acting in productions staged by the Marlowe Society. He made his professional stage debut in 1963, and appeared in his first film in 1966, playing William Roper in the Oscar-winning A Man for All Seasons. Among his myriad of stage credits was Alan Ayckbourn's comic trilogy The Norman Conquests, in which he starred as the bed-hopping Norman. Easing comfortably into character roles in his fifties, Corin Redgrave starred as Hamish in the runaway movie hit 4 Weddings and a Funeral (1993).

50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) (Hip-hop Artist)

Born into a notorious Queens drug dynasty during the late '70s, 50 Cent lost those closest to him at an early age. Raised without a father, 50's mother, who was bisexual but also involved in drugs was found dead under mysterious circumstances before he could hit his teens. The orphaned youth was taken in by his grandparents, who provided for 50. After living a dangerous and notorious street life during his teens, the birth of his son put things in perspective for the post adolescent, and 50 began to pursue rap seriously. He as signed to Columbia Records in 1999, which resulted in "Power Of A Dollar." Later mentored by Eminem and Dr. Dre, 50 Cent became one of the most well-known rap artists.

Ana Matronic (singer)

As the lead female singer of the British group Scissor Sisters, Ana performs outrageous pop music. Scissor Sisters made Brit Awards history in 2005, winning three international categories: Best Group, Breakthrough Act and Best Album. When she was three her parents split up and she learned at age six that her father was gay. As a teen her father died of AIDS which encourages her activism today with an organization that support the families and children of people living with HIV and AIDS.

Cyril and Vyvyan Wilde

These brothers were the children of Oscar Wilde. Vyvyan went on to write several favorable books about his father including Son of Oscar Wilde and A Pictorial Biography of Oscar Wilde.

Daniela Sea (Actress, musician)

At the age of 3, Daniela's father came out as gay. She has played guitar in the band Gr'ups, traveled around the world, and currently plays the role of Moira on The L Word. Daniela identifies as queer and genderqueer herself, and is about to perform in her first feature film.
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