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Body Image

Body image and physical health information for gay men.

You Just Might Be The Sexiest Man Alive
The way you look got you down? Your body image is the culprit. But there's an easy cure that can turn you into the sexist man alive!

Body Hair Removal
There are many ways to groom body hair. Here are the different types of body hair removal.

Quick Questions To Determine Your Body Image Health
This quick questionnaire can help determine if you have an issue with your body image.

I'm Looking for a Hot Gay Man, Am I Shallow?
Physical attraction isn't everything, but looking for a hot gay man is nothing to be ashamed of. Each gay man's definition of hot is different and should never be ignored. You can find a hot guy without feeling shallow.

Will My Moles and Blemishes Run Him Away?
This reader has moles and blemishes on the chest of his otherwise well-built body. Will this run guys away?

What You Need To Know About Anal Bleaching or Lightening
Before you buy a home anal bleaching kit or visit a salon, read what you need to know about anal lightening, including the dangers and side affects.

Gay Men and Eating Disorders
Gay men are feeling the pressures to have the perfect body which can lead to eating disorders and low self-esteem. See how obsessively pursuing the perfect body image can lead down a path of destruction.

Gay Men and Body Hair Removal
Grooming your body hair doesn't make you gay, it makes you a man that cares about his appearance and body. Remove body hair to the degree that makes you comfortable with the body hair removal method best suited to your budget and hair type. Here's how.

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