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Gay Dating Advice

Get Personalized Gay Dating Advice


Is life throwing you a curve ball when it comes to the game of love? Get personalized gay dating, love, and sex advice.

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Do you need love, sex or gay relationship advice? Let Mona Lisa help!

Mona Lisa is here to answer any of your love inquiries as an objective guide without judgement. Also, feel free to vent, rant, or simply provide commentary and your words may be chosen to be posted on this site, which can be a tremendous help to others. If you are seeking advice, but want to keep it discrete, please let Mona know and it will be answered without posting it online.

Who is Mona Lisa?

Mona Lisa is the alter-ego of your Gay Life Guide, Ramon Johnson. Prompted by your love and relationship woes, Mona Lisa kicks in with straight forward and honest responses guaranteed to satisfy any appetite. Need love or sex advice? Ask Mona Lisa!

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