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Top 6 Unforgettable Gay Coming of Age Movies


Watching gay coming out (or coming of age) movies is a bitter sweet adventure. Coming of age movies can bring up emotions that gay men cherish or ones we'd like to suppress. Which is your favorite gay coming of age movie?

1. Beautiful Thing

Remember those awkward high school days? You sat in one corner with your best girlfriend gossiping while all the other boys competed to be on the cover of the Wheaties box. Then that one jock catches your eye. You try your hardest not to be outed, but your love for him is just too great. Then one day you discover... he loves you too! Need I say more? "Beautiful Thing" is the ultimate gay coming of age movie!
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2. Trick

Usually, a trick isn't someone you want to take home for the holiday or even introduce to your friends. Tricks rarely turn into dating material or long term love. But, before you put on your bitter queen slippers, fairy tales can and do come true. Keep your options open. Christian Campbell, Clinton Leupp show us that perceptions can be deceiving. Tori Spelling also gives a very witty performance as the quintessential hag.
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3. Edge of Seventeen

This pop-culture classic is set in the 80's when cheese and melodrama reigned supreme. The turbulent times of being a gay teenager are brilliantly highlighted in "Edge of Seventeen." This critically acclaimed film is full of great lines and a surprise ending.
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4. Latter Days

I met a gay Mormon once. (It wasn't my fault, he was gay before I met him...) Anyway, so many gay teens and adults are trapped in a wall of suppression, surrounded by religion, family and the "norm" of society. "Latter Days" is such a story and even includes some disturbing scenes inside an ex-gay reparative therapy camp. Does lead actor, Steve Sandvossm as Elder Aaron Davis, have the courage to break free from his upbringing and explore his heart?
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5. Nico and Dani

Dani (Fernando Ramallo) and Nico (Jordi Vilches) are teens on the ultimate party adventure- alone at Dani's family beach house. Their quest to explore their sexuality with a few local female hotties turns into feelings for each other. "Nico and Dani" is a striking and edgy tale set in Barcelona.
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6. Billy Elliot

The jury is still out on Billy's sexuality, but every gay man can relate to what it feels like growing up "different." He's out ballet dancing while his blue collar dad and brother are on a coal miners strike in their northeast England town. Billy manages to keep his dancing lessons a secret until crisis erupts in the Elliot household. Billy's dad can't imagine seeing his son as a dancer. When he realizes Billy's dancing isn't just a hobby, he turns his hard heart into kind support.
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