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Online Dating Interview

Interview With A Gay Man About Dating Online


Online Dating Interview
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It's been some time since 25-year-old Joey and his boyfriend recently broke up. He's ready to get back into the dating scene. He goes out to bars and social events, but also wants to try meeting guys online.

Ramon: Do you find it difficult to meet guys?

Joey: Well, I live in the city and people are always on the move. I used to chat online and meet tricks, but I'm tired of it.

So, you're looking for a more permanent situation, then?

I want to start as friends and then eventually more.

But, why online?

Where else? Definitely not at the bars. I've heard stories of guys meeting at the grocery store, but that's never happened to me.

Were you embarrassed when you first started?

Yes, but I got over it. My best friend forced me to post my picture and practically wrote my profile for me. The first response I got from a guy asking me out on a date pretty much changed my opinion.

And what opinion was that?

I don't know. That I was desperate or something.

You know, some people are concerned about their safety when dating online.

Well, you have to be safe in every situation. You can meet a total psycho at the bar or on the street the same as you can online. You just have to be careful. At least you can screen a guy online.


Well, if you don't like a guy or they're not what you're looking for, you just stop responding and never meet in person.

So, what was the worst online dating experience you've ever had? Why'd you have to screen him?

Well, I met this guy and we emailed back and forth for a couple of weeks and then we decided to meet. He seemed totally normal on email, but as soon as we met he started to scare me. He kept looking over his shoulder and would never make eye contact. He even went to the bathroom at least 5 times in a half hour. Needless to say, we never went out again.

Wow, with experiences like that do you think you'll meet "the one" online?

I'm not sure, but I have to leave my options open. Maybe this will work or maybe I'll just have to hang out in the grocery store. *laugh*
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