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Top 10 Questions About Gay Sex


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No Sex Without a Third
Top 10 Questions About Gay Sex
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Dear Mona,

About 8 months ago my partner and I began having sexual encounters with other men, with the agreement that we did it together. Then his sexual energy for me started to change. Now, he has no desire to have sex with me alone. However, if there is a third person involved, his sexual drive is strong. He says he's working through some relationship issues. Other than sex, we agree that our relationship is strong. What should I do?

Dear Third Wheel,

Nothing good comes in threes- tires, shoes or relationships. Threesomes always sound like a good idea when our partnered sex lives dwindle, but few of us actually address the real reason for the sexual lag. Instead we venture off into the bed of a temporary solution and ultimately the catalyst for a break up.

The mere fact that you decided to have an open relationship with terms says that either one or both of you wasn't completely satisfied... read more

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