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Universities With Gender Identity/ Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Policies


According to The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GenderPAC), tens years ago only one university had a policy explicitly protecting students from discrimination based on gender identity and expression. Today at least 150 campuses extend protections. Each year GenderPAC publishes the GENIUS (Gender Equality National Index for Universities & Schools), which tracks and evaluates the efforts of colleges, universities, and K-12 school districts to prohibit discrimination and promote awareness of gender identity and expression and sexual orientation in their policies. Here are the colleges and universities that offer protections:

Updated: September 25, 2007

Arizona State University
University of Arizona

California College of the Arts
California Institute of Integral Studies
California Institute of Technology
California State University—Long Beach
City College of San Francisco
Foothill-DeAnza Community College
Harvey Mudd College
Occidental College
University of Southern California
University of California System*

Colorado State University

Connecticut College
Wesleyan University
Yale University

District of Columbia
American University

Emory University

New College of Florida

Parkland College
University of Chicago
University of Illinois System*

DePauw University

Central College
Drake University
Iowa State University
Southwestern Community College
University of Iowa

Colby College
University of Maine System*

Goucher College
Johns Hopkins University
University of Baltimore

Brandeis University
Harvard University
Holyoke Community College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tufts University
Suffolk University
Williams College

Eastern Michigan University
Kalamazoo College
Kalamazoo Community College
Olivet College
Western Michigan University
University of Michigan System*

New Hampshire
Dartmouth College
University of New Hampshire

New Jersey
Princeton University

New Mexico
College of Santa Fe
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State University

New York
City University of New York System*
Columbia University
Cornell University
Ithaca College
Rochester Institute of Technology
Sarah Lawrence College
Vassar College

North Carolina
North Carolina State University
Duke University

Case Western Reserve University
Ohio State University
Ohio University

Oregon State University
University of Oregon

Bucknell University
Carnegie Mellon University
Lehigh University
Moravian College
Muhlenberg College
Peirce College
Penn State University
University of Pennsylvania
Swarthmore College

Rhode Island
Brown University
Bryant University
Community College of Rhode Island
University of Rhode Island

Rice University

Middlebury College
University of Vermont

Central Washington University
Evergreen State College
University of Puget Sound
Washington State University
Whitman College

University of Wisconsin System*

*The systems listed have implemented non-discrimination policies inclusive of gender identity and expression, and account for 63 undergraduate campuses not listed here.
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